3 Best Dab Torches: Basic 101 Guide

Whether you’re an expert dabber or a rookie, at some point in life, you’ll probably need a reliable dab torch.

Without a dab torch, your dab rig is useless (hate to break it if that raised an eyebrow); selecting the finest dab torch for your specific needs will allow you to swiftly heat your nail to dab-smoking temperatures.

Here’s what will make you an expert!

3 Best Dab Torches

When looking for the finest dab torch, there are several factors in play, ranging from flame size to grip. When the stuff is so good, you wouldn't want to ruin the experience by making the initial step go wrong.

Let us help you in finding the ideal fit for the best experience. 

1. Big Buddy Torch by Blaze

Blazer Big Buddy Torch offers industrial excellence in a torch designed for the home.

It has got all the power you need, whether you're heating a titanium nail or a crème brûlée, with pin-point efficiency that allows you to heat a 2,500-degree Fahrenheit flame and a fantastic 60-minute continuous burn endurance.

For ease of use, Big Buddy’s functioning is simple, making it undoubtedly the finest dabbing torches in the market. You can tailor your dabbing sessions with the flame height adjuster on the side.

Now enjoy tiny, more savory clouds with a lower temperature, or go wild with higher flames. When you're finished, just lower the child-safety device, push the ignition button, and you're set!

Ready to 'roll.'

When not in use, a retractable stand keeps the torch upright. The Big Buddy provides superior power and convenience by having a bigger nozzle and butane capacity than other torches.

You can also refill the butane as easily through the base

True to its name, this all-in-one torch will be your literal 'big buddy' in giving an enjoyable experience. You wouldn't want to miss this company!

2. 6" Diablo Special Blue Butane Torch

If you’re looking for a torch that can light up the entire room and has multiple uses, the 6" Diablo Special Blue Butane Torch is the ideal one for you.

This torch includes all the standard features such as automated ignition, adjustable dual-flame, speedy butane refill, and the fact that it is cordless and lightweight

It is simple to use, operates from all angles, and is ergonomic. The single flame head quickly warms up everything and can reach incredibly high temperatures in no time.

The somewhat aggressive design is very appealing. It's a handy size that's easy to use and feels pretty good in your hand at 6" tall.

What more can one ask for?

The 6" Diablo Special Blue Butane exists in a range of colors and is excellent for baking, welding, barbecuing, and even illuminating candles.

Yes, this torch has got-it-all.

Are you a newbie? Not to worry!

This torch is suited for users of all skill levels due to its adjustable flame control and safety lock. It is self-sufficient, with self-igniting capabilities.

Users may easily set the adjustable flame control to open and then push the trigger to start the flame using piezo trigger ignition technology.

Problem solved!

3. Special Blue Torch

Why use a subpar dab torch when you can keep the flame on in scorching hot style with the Special Blue? This torch is ideal for dabbing, baking, firing up the grill, lighting candles, and more! In every aspect, Special Blue exceeds the bill.

And no, we're not exaggerating!

This single dab torch can give all in terms of quality, longevity, and cost-effectiveness!

Do you want more? Using the special blue torch is easy! It features automated ignition, so you get a quick start-up time.

This torch's 90-degree adjustable head operates from any angle, in addition to having an adjustable flame. With a height of seven inches and a width of 2.25 inches, it is a fairly huge torch.

However, because it is cordless and lightweight, it is effortless to transport. It also comes with a 4.25-inch broad base. And no, we're not through yet.

The special blue torch also has a sturdy base, adjustable flame, and a flame lock. It comes in a variety of fun color combinations and is simple to refill. This torch will be a welcome addition to your dabbing arsenal.

You're welcome!

What’s a Dab Torch? 

A dab torch is dabbing equipment that uses propane or butane to produce a consistent flame that is used to heat a banger or dab rig

Cannabis torches are built to be utilized in any weather or atmosphere, and they have the ability to boost the temperature to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1,371 degrees Celsius.

It is a basic item that you will need to achieve the finest vaporizing experience. It is considered a dabbing necessity and is an integral part of every dabber's toolbox. 

How To Take DABS (for beginners)

Safety Features

Dabbing is a decent bet to use and relish cannabis. Nonetheless, because most dab torches employ fuel, it raises concerns.

To minimize mishaps, ensure that the plug and nozzle fit firmly to prevent fuel leaking, which might result in a fire. When using the dab torch, be sure that no combustible materials are around it. 

There are now dab torches that offer automatic locking features. However, narrow-based lights can indeed be knocked out, which can trigger a fire. We also advise that you purge your torch before dabbing.

A revolutionary torch also includes oxygen. If you’re operating the torch for the first time, do not overfill the chamber. If it is not purged, it may extinguish the flame or prevent the fuel from flaring.

Childproof Lock

By now, we no more need to emphasize how important it is to look for a child-proof safety lock in your dab torch. This feature can safeguard the torch from igniting accidentally, even if you drop it (you are allowed to be your clumsy self!).

Few torches on the market have this essential feature, which can be especially found in the Blazer Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch.

Temperature Control

When looking for a new torch for your dab rig, seek one that lets you precisely adjust the temperature. This improves the smoking experience since you can alter the temperature of your torch to achieve the greatest smoking experience on any type of dab nail.

A low-temperature dab enhances the taste of the concentrate. You also get smoother and longer hits as a bonus. Although, the vapor formed in this case isn't particularly thick or dense.

It has modest effects and may leave a little amount of concentrate behind. 

A high-temperature dab produces far more pleasant clouds of vapor and consumes almost all of the concentrate. It does, however, result in a reduction in flavor intensity.

Unless you have a self-heating nail, the mechanism is manual.

Anti-Flare Neck 

Your dab torch must have an anti-flare neck. If it doesn't, don't even think about buying it! Anti-flare enables you to smoke in a variety of postures.

It's infuriating to be trapped with a tricky dab torch that can only safely generate a flame when held vertically.

Without anti-flare, you also face the threat of the flame flashing back into your fingertips.

Can I Refill Them?

Consider purchasing a dab torch that is refillable and includes a fuel level meter. Instead of tossing away the entire torch, you will only need to change the butane cartridges. 

Imagine you're in the midst of dabbing and you run out of fuel; would you want to waste time failing to refill? The obvious answer is no. Hence, you ought to ensure that your dab torch is simple to operate and simple to refill.

Obviously, you don't want to spend hours on Google trying to figure out how to refuel your torch.

Why Does Everyone Love the Blazer Torch?

The question should rather be, why work with unreliable and shoddy torches? Blazer torches are professional-grade butane dispensers, and owning one of these bad boys will save you hundreds of dollars over the years to come.

They are simpler to operate, more powerful, and last longer.

Blazers, with a maximum temperature of 2,500 degrees F, are the ideal torch system for anyone who dabs regularly and doesn't want to deal with defective flames and fuel delivery systems.

A Blazer torch will make your nail dab-ready in 10 - 20 seconds, based on the sort of nail you have.

Can You Use a Torch Lighter For Dab?

You're probably wondering, 'Why can't I just use a lighter to heat my nails?' The simple answer is yes, but it is less safe, less fun, and far less effective.

You must get your nail to a temperature of at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, a lighter will definitely fall short of the mark and leave you with a cramped-up hand to suffer!

A good quality dab torch can help you easily reach the appropriate temperature. It also allows you to be more precise in your heating procedure. 

The outcome is a relaxed, safe, and enjoyable experience. A champion dab torch will enhance your experience in every way!

Can I Use Propane Torches For Dabs? 

When you’re getting a dab torch, one of the first few things to consider is the fuel that will fire the torch.

Can you use propane (more like a Pro-PAIN) torches for dabbing?

The short answer is an absolute NO, you should NEVER use a Propane Torch to heat your Quartz Banger, Titanium Nail, or Titanium Pad for dabbing.

Propane gas contains ethyl mercaptan, a highly filthy gas. This gas is colorless and has an awful smell. Unfortunately, you do not want this element in your concentration since it may disrupt your dabbing experience. 

Propane torches can burn excessively hot, making them more perilous than butane torches. Butane is recommended by experts since it does not affect the flavor or scent of cannabis. It is the only wiser choice!


With the increasing popularity of vaping and other smoking alternatives, it may be difficult to keep up with all of the new lingo.

You could be scratching your mind, especially if you're a newbie. Dab torches are no different.

While these rigs are gaining popularity in alternative smoking groups, many smokers are still unsure what they are.

If you are still unsure where to begin, here’s what to keep in mind.

Finding the perfect dab torch can be a long process that, at times, can seem highly overwhelming.

The above guide will turn you into an expert in selecting the best one for you, leading to a more enjoyable and safer dabbing experience.

Carry the flame, carry it high!  

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