Best Dab Accessories

You don’t just wear your clothes, do you?

Instead, you prefer wearing a watch, maybe a necklace. Similarly, you don’t just get keys for your house, right?

Instead, you prefer getting keychains to accompany it. 

This is what accessorizing is all about, if you notice. The case is the same for dabbing too.

In order to get the best experience from dabbing, your items most definitely need accessorizing.

So, what accessories suit you best? Here are those. 

Best Dabbing Accessories

Before we begin, keep in mind that the said list is in no particular order. Some might appear to be more important than others, but the use-cases of them all are different.

Let’s dive into it, shall we? 


What might appear to be a long and slender device is actually deceptively useful. The dabber is truly one of the firsts—you might as well call it a necessary accessory.

With its sharp and pointy end, it is meant to be the protective barrier between your bare hands and the heated surface. 

Think of it as a utensil that aids in cooking. You obviously don’t make direct contact with the broth, right? T

he same is with the cooking here. The dabber is meant to make your sessions safe and efficient. 

There is another reason why the dabber becomes such an important tool. There are no valid replacements for it either.

Sure, you can use a sharp tool to get the sessions done and dusted, but having this accessory makes life so much easier. 

The next question becomes—how do you use it? Fret not, here is how you do it. 

  • Apply your dabbing tool directly to the nail inside the dome of your torch.
  • Inhale. Take it all in.
  • Rotate the tip of your dabbing tool to catch whatever excess oil there might be, 
  • Ensure that there is no excess dripping oil; that sounds like wasting.
  • Exhale, and enjoy. 

Dab Mats

dab mat

Much like the dabber, the dab mat too, becomes a necessity. This becomes especially apparent if you have a rig, which we assume you do.

What might appear as a silicone mat, actually is a lot more purposeful actually. 

Used to protect the rig from the surface where it is placed, the dab mat ensures that the rig does not slip (or worse) when you are right at it with your sessions.

There is one more benefit to using a dab mat. See, when you are dabbing, it is expected that some oil or resin might be deposited here and there. When the dab mat is present, though, that takes all the hits.

Additionally, it provides a safe spot to keep your hot objects, such as torches, tools, or even carb caps. 

The selling proposition of the dab mat doesn’t end there, though. You must be wondering—if it takes the brunt of your sessions so bad, it must be impossible to clean or re-use, right? 

Wrong. The dab mat is super, super easy to clean too.

So much so that even soap and water does the trick. In worse cases when you are trying to get rid of the sticky stuff, isopropyl alcohol does the trick too. 

What else? Oh yes...

dab mat

The variations, varieties, and choices. One glance at the online sphere and you will see the number of options at your disposal.

Be it custom designs, or theme-based ventures, you are bound to be surprised by the sheer creativity of dab mat choices online. 


Acting as a butane (or propane)-filled entity, the torch is used to, well, torch it before you blaze it. In order to get the most of your banger, you will need to heat it in your dab rig.

Much like the other two, without a torch, it is near impossible to get the fullest experience. Is it even an accessory now? 

dab torch

Before you go ahead and get the greatest torch available to mankind, you need to keep two information snippets in mind.

First, butane is better than propane; but a lot more expensive.

Second, you don’t have to get a torch that is bigger than your rig itself.

Keep these in mind, and you might land up with the most appropriate torch as your accessory. 

Concentrate Container

Finally, the concentrate container needs some attention to be paid to it. As is obvious, the concentrate container is used to store your concentrate or wax. It is super important for the container to be non-sticky. 

Speaking of which, these containers come in two materials. Glass and silicone are mostly the backbone of the plethora of containers that you might find.

Now, both are beneficial in their own ways, so you won’t make the wrong choice.

Where glass gives a more authentic taste, silicone is easier to clean and is more durable. Make the call that you think is appropriate—you won’t be wrong, either way. 

To Conclude

When it comes to accessories, you can go by ‘the more, the merrier’ logic. With the aforementioned dabbing accessories, you are bound to get the most out of your sessions.

Using them all in a concoction works wonders too!

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