Top 4 Best Nectar Collector to Use For Dabbing Wax

Which Nectar Collector To Use For Dabbing Wax?

It's crucial to select the ideal nectar collector for your requirements. The smooth dab that this type of gadget offers is unmatched.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Nectar Collector

Have you ever heard of a "nectar collector"? Not to worry! It's a relatively new product among those who concentrate.

You're in the correct place because the nectar collector class has begun. 

A nectar collector is what?

A vertical dab tool known as a nectar collector is also known as a honey straw or dab straw.

Wax, distillates, oils, and whatever other concentrates your heart desires can all be used in a nectar collector.

10" Pulsar Quartz Dab Vapor Straw

Heat the tip of the nectar collector with a torch or a battery-operated coil for electronic models to take a dab.

6.25" Inferno Special Blue Butane Torch

In contrast to a wax pen, which is preloaded and heated. 

It is dipped into your concentrates once it is hot to produce instant vapor that is inhaled through the mouthpiece on the other end.

This design makes it much simpler to regulate your hit.

You can inhale past your comfort zone while using a dab pen where you can't see the wax without even realizing it.

And if you've never used concentrates before, that can make the rest of the day difficult for you.

No matter how you want to take your favorite dabs concentration, we always advise starting with smaller doses of wax and working your way up.

You'll quickly identify your "sweet spot"!

Collection Methods for Nectar

You have choices as a consumer because there are various varieties of nectar collectors accessible.

To assist you with navigating the dab straw adventure, we have put together this guide.

Here is some information on the many nectar collectors you'll encounter when shopping around. 

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro trying to expand your knowledge.

We'll examine the three most popular types of vertical dab straws:

  • Silicone - A titanium or glass dab tip is attached to a silicone air route.
  • Glass - The body is made of glass; it frequently has a water chamber and a range of tips, including ceramic, glass, and titanium.
  • Electric - Battery-powered with titanium, quartz, or ceramic coil and a separate steel vapor route.

    There may be products that combine styles, like silicone and glass, but in this breakdown, we're concentrating on the basic three.

    Rubber Dab Straws

    Silicone Glass Dab Straw With Water Filter

    The most economical solution is typically silicone nectar collectors.

    These are great for people on a tight budget or new users who don't want to spend a lot of money before determining whether a dab straw is right for them.

    Because they are hard to damage, silicone straws are simple to maintain.

    The most fragile portion of them, if you're using a glass tip, will be the body.

    A titanium tip is an additional choice and is almost unbreakable.

    They are a good option for portable dabs because of how tough they are.

    To heat the tip, you will still need a torch, which can be a hassle when traveling.

    Why You Should Use a Silicone Dab Straw

    Although silicone nectar collectors aren't for everyone, they do have ardent believers. We'll touch briefly on a few of the factors contributing to their appeal.

  • Durable - These dab straws are essentially unbreakable, which is probably the main reason why people like them so much. When you leave the house, just toss it in your bag or purse and you won't have to worry about it getting broken. Just bear in mind that this only applies to virtually unbreakable titanium tips.
  • Simple to Clean - Silicone nectar collectors can be readily bent and twisted in ways that make cleaning them a breeze because of their incredible resilience. With glass or electric dab straws, you can't reach those confined, challenging areas.
  • Cost-effectiveness - is another important factor in the popularity of silicone nectar collectors. Most of the time, silicone dab straws are pretty affordable. Particularly when compared to some of the other, more sophisticated models available.

    Issues with a Silicone Dab Straw

    Despite their widespread popularity, silicone dab straws nevertheless have their share of critics.

    They object to the thought of utilizing silicone in any capacity throughout their sessions.

    See why that is, shall we?

  • Taste - Silicone dab straws are probably not for you if you like to savor the flavor of your dab. Some claim they can't tell the difference, while others claim the silicone gives their vapor an odd aftertaste. It all relies on your level of prudence and taste preferences.
  • Don't Look as Good - Although this one is entirely arbitrary, it's still important to note. The styles that silicone honey straws typically come in are somewhat uninspired. Usually, multicolored items are only found where the hues are splashed together, almost like tie-dye.
  • A silicone dab straw needs an external heat source in order to function - unlike an e-nectar collector. You must use a torch or another external heat source to get these units started because they lack a battery or AC power.

    Honey Straws in glass

    A glass nectar collector may be the best option for people who want to acquire the same dabs they get from a rig.

    You will have an all-glass air passage with this design, just like a dab rig.

    Honey Dabber 2 Honey Straw

    However, using them while traveling can be a little risky due to the fragility of glass.

    The majority of products on the market come with some sort of carrying case, however, after dabbing, you'll have a hot tip to cope with.

    It does significantly reduce the portability to have an exposed hot tip. Additionally, if you unintentionally touch it, it could be quite deadly. Ouch!

    Why You Should Use a Glass Honey Straw

    A glass dab straw is preferable to the other options on our list for a number of reasons.

    Let's spend a moment discussing the main benefits of employing a glass nectar collector.

  • Optimal Flavor - Compared to silicone, glass nectar collectors just offer dabs that taste far better. Silicone can change the flavor of your dabs, so keep that in mind. You'll get the best flavor possible using glass dab straws, which leave no aftertaste.
  • An underwater chamber? - Glass nectar collectors without water chambers are rare, but those that do are amazing. Your rips are filtered and cooled down in the chamber to produce some succulent rips. This can be excellent for folks who are new to dabbing and want a seamless experience.
  • Numerous Design Possibilities - Glass is the material of choice if you enjoy flaunting your sense of style at every opportunity. There are a huge variety of styles on the market, and new, high-quality products are being introduced all the time. Which is very different from the simple, multi-colored designs of silicone nectar collectors.

    The shortcomings of a glass honey straw

    Yes, glass nectar collectors are praised innumerable times by dab fans.

    That doesn't mean they don't have their own set of disadvantages to take into account, though.

  • Fragile - Because glass dab straws are so delicate, they are significantly more likely to break or crack than their silicone counterparts. Therefore, if you tend to be clumsy, you might want to consider a silicone choice.
  • Exposed Hot Tip - This won't be a problem for everyone, but it will take some time for the heated tip of your glass honey straw to cool down. If you don't take care, you could burn yourself, drop your piece, and end up with nothing but a broken glass heap.

    Electric nectar jars

    An electric nectar collector would be the best option if portability were your top priority.

    Battery-powered vertical dabbing gadgets called e-nectar collectors are among the newest dabbing trends.

    Atmos Electro Dabber Electric Nectar Collector

    You don't need to worry about having a torch or even butane on hand because the design includes a battery.

    Make sure it's always charged. Depending on usage, a full battery should last you a day.

    High-end electric nectar collectors use breath-activated heating, which eliminates the need for a button when inhaling.

    Take a breath and relax.

    So why would someone select an electric nectar collector instead of one made of silicone or glass?

    Electric dab straws are a terrific addition to an active lifestyle, as previously said.

    Airistech 8 Dab Pen and Electric Nectar Collector

    Choosing an Electric Dab Straw Has Many Advantages

    We particularly enjoy the following features of the electric honey straw models:

  • Convenience - You don't need to carry a light around with you every time you want to have a session because there isn't a need for an external heat source like with the other two options. Some models even have no buttons and only need to be inhaled to turn on.
  • Accuracy - An electric dab straw gives you the convenience of a constant vape temperature throughout each session. The inside coil will heat up to the precise temperature you select by just dialing it in.
  • Safety - In addition to being incredibly convenient, not requiring an external heat source increases the device's overall safety. Additionally, you can reduce your risk of getting burned by capping the hot coil after each use.
  • Maintenance - For simple cleaning with some isopropyl alcohol, the majority of models let you disassemble the device. A new set of heating coils will give the appliance new life when the old ones need to be replaced due to heavy use.

    Negative aspects of an electric dab sprite

    E-nectar collectors have advantages, but you can't discuss how fantastic they are without also discussing their disadvantages.

    Even though there are fewer drawbacks than with the other choices, you should still consider them before making a final choice.

    • Can Be Expensive - While not all electric nectar collectors have high prices, some of the more sophisticated types may set you back a pretty penny. Not that there aren't any affordable solutions available (like our Alien Ape). Simply be prepared to pay extra if you desire more sophisticated features.
    • Must Charge The Device - This is a major turnoff for people who go out to party. If you intend to be out for a long time, you should have a charger with you. Nothing is worse than attempting to take a draw from your piece only to discover that a charge is necessary. When you go out, you should always take a charger with you.

    Alien Ape Dual Electric Nectar Collector

    Making a Decision Regarding Nectar Collectors

    It will be simpler for you to select a nectar collector now that you are familiar with the range of goods that are currently on the market.

    It's all about choosing the precise product to meet your demands once you've decided on the specific features you desire.

    Contact the Boundless team if you have any further inquiries, and we'll make the purchasing process a breeze!

    Here is a list of the Top Rated Nectar Collectors

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