Which is better for you: Bongs vs Dab Rigs?

Bongs and Dab Rigs are both water pipes

What do you call a Nectar collector?

Even though they are both water pipes, the difference between bongs and dab rigs is still important for ideal altitude. Both flower connoisseurs and concentration dabblers will appreciate the clear winner at maximal liftoff!

It should be simple to choose the perfect arrangement, yet it isn't!

These amazing instruments all work on the same principle of sucking smoke or vapor through water. But picking the wrong style might result in wildly different effects!

So, before you make a decision, check out our bongs vs. dab rigs comparison.

Bongs vs. dab rigs comparison 

This is how it works...

Rigs and bongs are particularly effective in chilling heated hits, as serious stoners know.

Some people, on the other hand, treat their water pipes like prized possessions. They have a cool design, sound great, and hit like chill hammers, all while enhancing any good time.

Choosing the appropriate setup is a big deal (we should know). When picking between bongs and dab rigs, or whether to spend money on high-end glass, there are a few factors to consider.

This explanation explains how water pipes function, why there are so many kinds, and what all those fancy features are for. The best approach to go is to learn more about water pipes.

What is the purpose of water pipes?

Aside from the lovely 'glugging' sound that water pipes make, bongs and dab rigs are excellent choices for a variety of reasons. Using a well-designed and adequate water pipe for flower and oil increases everything if you know what to look for.

A vacuum stream from your lungs to the weed is created by bongs and dab rigs. THC, CBD, minor cannabinoids, as well as delicious terpenes, are all funneled.

However, with the good comes the bad, as seen by tar, ash, and other vegetation detritus found in the water.

THOUGHTS FROM THE STONER: Your water pipe works hard for you, catching debris that you don't want in your lungs. That hazardous bong water concoction sits there, deteriorating, until it's flushed down the drain, which you should do at the end of each session.

The presence of stank in the tank has an impact on flavor, potency, and who knows what else. Water changes on a regular basis will keep your piece cleaner and last longer.

Are water pipes more secure?

The good stuff from weed and the bad things from combustion, agricultural and industrial pollutants effect the bud being smoked. As well as the state of the water pipe itself, through the smoke and vapor streams from bongs and dab rigs.

Prohibition halted study for 50 years, but studies are now underway to discover how much better bongs or dab rigs are for long-term pot consumption than unfiltered smoke.

To summarize, no amount of smoke is safe, yet the cleaning power of a bong in terms of particulate matter (ash) is undeniable. Bongs and rigs have also been shown to chill smoke and dabs, which is far better than inhaling hot air.

That's where Electrical Nectar Collectors come handy. They're safer too.

While there are significant variations between smoke and vapor, both contain toxic consequences of fire and chemistry. Water pipes do cool by circulating water, but how much water they filter is debatable.

Nonetheless, the detritus in bong water is undeniable, so keep it out of your mouth, tongue, and lungs. Under the microscope, what water pipelines trap is still a drop.

Is it true that a rig is safer than a bong?

That has less to do with the water pipe and more to do with the marijuana. We can only tell that they both catch trash and cool heated air before it reaches your lungs.

Otherwise, you'll have to rely on your past experiences to guide you.

How do water pipes function?

Water pipes, such as dab rigs and bongs, are designed to filter and cool smoke and vapor. While the technology behind today's smoke goods is essentially the same as it has been for ages, contemporary design and production (particularly in glass) has boosted outcomes.

The particles filtered from smoking and vaping may be seen sticking to the sides of the glass and discolored water. Despite channeling vapor rather than smoke, dab rigs get dirty on the inside as well.

The chemical processes that occur when you spark a bowl or load a hot nail with wax leave residue and debris.

The science of water pipe construction

Because cannabinoids and terpenes have a low water solubility, they easily flow through clean water. As a result, the water will filter almost everything else preferentially, perhaps breaking down harmful compounds by collecting them in water.

Remember that flower and concentrates can both hide adulterants that no one wants in their hit while you're trying to figure out 'Bongs vs. Dab Rigs - Which is Right for You?'

Even the bleach in your tap water might affect the functionality of a water pipe.

Do Nectar collectors have reclaim?

Solvents from extraction and butane leftovers from even the greatest blow torches and lighters are also drawn into the stream, influencing your high. Also, remember to replace the water to protect it from becoming harmful.

Why should you allow possibly dangerous junk to interact with your pull?

It's critical to maintain the water in your dab rig and bong clean. Soak your machine in fresh, clean water before each session, and clean it as needed with salt water or citrus instead of harsher solvents like bleach.

The best electrical nectar collectors offer great reclaim options.

Size matters when it comes to dab rigs and bongs.

When deciding between "Dab Rigs vs. Bongs - Which is Right for You?" it's important to think about size.

You can make a rig out of any water pipe with replaceable pieces, but should you?

You desire diffusion for cooling and cleaning because of the science of water pipes. In terms of hit, though, the contrast between cannabis products-flower and dabs-is wide and day. To begin with, cured bud emits smoke, whereas dabs emit vapor.

Big bongs are stunning.

The act of flaming emits contaminants, which are contained in smoke. Along with the heated air from the ignited cannabis, combustion produces a lot of bad stuff that needs to be filtered.

So clean and cold flower power necessitates a bong as big as your lungs can handle.

The massive tower bongs are made to hold cannabis. Other models with long necks, many chambers, and extra filtration and cooling capabilities, as well as cool bong add-ons like ash catchers and even cooling tubes, are available.

You can install as many percs, chambers, and add-ons as you wish as long as your lungs can comfortably clear a chamber. That's a good thing, too, because there's never been such a diverse assortment of high-quality bongs for various types of sessions and pricing points.

Little dab rigs are the best.

Consideration of the ideal sized dab rig is the polar opposite of bong selection process. Remember that concentrates work by heating without combustion, which means there are less byproducts to filter and less water to use than flower.

It's also worth remembering that dab rigs are designed for concentrates, which contain significantly more THC than a regular bong rip. For a large rip, dab rigs don't require much space.

That's why so many tiny and even micro dab rigs are available for purchase.

The greatest dab rigs are just big enough to chill a hit and tiny enough to prevent waste from leftover oil adhering to the glass since filtration takes less water. Furthermore, contemporary design and materials result in lower temperature dabs, reducing cooling time.

Do nectar collectors waste dabs?

Bongs and dab rigs of the highest quality

Natural materials such as wood, coconut, and bamboo are used to construct bongs and rigs.

Throughout history, these materials have been used to make bongs. They were basic contraptions that functioned similarly to current bongs.

Today's bongs and rigs can deliver even more potent performance, as well as improved filtration and cooling. Newer materials, such as silicone bongs and dab rigs, as well as artists who manufacture better percs and bong designs, make this possible.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you (like plastic water bottles if you are really in a fix). However, today's bongs are composed of easily manufactured materials that are both affordable and long-lasting.

There are various types of water pipes.

Bongs have gone a long way since their inception. Even the cheapest bongs now have percs and improved designs.

What about the high-end items? Heady art or scientific glass water pipes with interchangeable sections can set you back a small amount.

With so many sizes, styles, features, and colors to choose from, it's a difficult task. Understanding the differences between bongs and dab rigs and which is best for you is crucial to selecting the correct water pipe.

Knowing what to expect before becoming enthralled by the gleaming, vibrant glass makes the decision easier.

Tube with no bends

Simply said, this is the original bong that was painted on cave walls. The design is still popular millennia later since it's simple to clean and has a solid base.

Straight tubes are simple to make and come in a variety of materials, including silicone, glass, and ceramic. Inside the neck of these bongs are often pinched glass nodes that act as ice catchers.

Bong with a round base

This water pipe is strong on the bottom, similar to a Beaker Bong, and the spherical water chamber allows for more water than a straight tube. Round bottom glass bongs are made by expert artisans and are long-lasting, functional, and easy to clean.

The form also lends itself to less expensive plastic bongs, which are not recommended because acrylic can react with the smoke and alter the flavor.

Bongs with a percolator

When air is drawn through water, percolators, or "percs," disperse the air into tiny bubbles. This causes the air to cool faster and the smoke to condense, resulting in smoother hits.

Tree, stereo/matrix, octopus, propeller, turbine, disc, circ, barrel, showerhead, honeycomb, ratchet, coil, UFO, Swiss, donut, insert, cross, sprinkler, and crystal ball are examples of common percs.

Bongs with many chambers

Multiple chambers can be found in high-end glass bongs, each storing water through which smoke passes. As a result, multi-chamber bongs chill and condense smoke, and when combined with percs, they create an amazing cooling effect.

Because they are constructed of premium glass and contain elaborate, even unique designs, high-end glass items are not inexpensive.

Bong made from recycled materials

Recycler bongs are at the top of the glass spectrum. Smoke is pushed through water by these cleverly designed water pipes, then pulled back to the bottom to be pulled through water again.

As a result, the hit is silky smooth, cool to the touch on the lungs, and condensed for optimum THC delivery.

Bongs made of ice

Cold elements, such as ice and frozen glycerin chambers, are now common in bongs. When smoke is cold, it condenses significantly, and these newcomers to the cannabis industry do so in elegance.

Bong molds can be filled with water and frozen to make an ice water pipe. For severe cooling, other types use sealed glycerine chambers incorporated into or added to the bong.

Bongs made by Zong

In the hands of great craftsmen (and women), superior borosilicate glass can create crazy zig-zag designs that are both attractive and practical. Those Zs moving back and forth help distribute water, chill smoke, and serve as a splashguard dome.

Bongs with heavy tops are more likely to be knocked over and shattered, but they are generally robust, one-of-a-kind works.

Bongs with a lot of gravity

The initial gravity bongs were composed of inferior borosilicate glass, not superior borosilicate glass. Gravity bongs were invented by stoners utilizing plastic soda bottles in the beginning (a 3-litre and a 2-liter worked best as one needs to fit within the other).

Empty plastic bottles, scissors, duct tape, and foil are no longer the only components of modern gravity bongs. Gravity bongs have reached a whole new level thanks to sophisticated design and high-end glass.

Some elements, such as the lighter, do not require any tugging.


Bubblers are entitled to a place at the water pipe celebration since, well, they're a pipe that utilizes water. Water, on the other hand, is where the resemblance ends.

The majority of people think of bubblers as single-piece water pipes.

There's no need to remove the bowl because it's made of recessed glass. Because it's a solid piece of glass, the down stems are fixed.

Bubblers are often smaller than bongs and even the majority of dab rigs. They do, however, chill hot air and cool your hits in the same way that the big boys do.

The Best Percs For Water Pipes

Percolators, sometimes known as 'percs,' are the single most significant upgrade in the best dab rigs and bongs.

These are complicated glass tubes, disks, spheres (and other shapes!) with precisely set holes, slits, and gaps that suck water and air in several directions at the same time, separating smoke molecules as they swirl in the movement.

Percs break down the numerous bubbles in bongs into thousands of smaller bubbles, each collecting and disturbing molecules along its surface.

Because the available surface area is enlarged as a result of the agitation, more cooling air interaction occurs quickly, separating non-water-soluble particles from those trapped by it. 

How much does a Nectar collector go for?

Percs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

This is the top nectar collector selection.

From simple diffused down stems to intricate and creative Swiss percs and beyond, percs come in many kinds and sizes!

And new designs are always being developed by experienced artisans, but they all serve the same purpose: to break up the cohesiveness of the water and smoke/vapor particles in order to swirl, cool, and filter.

Paying attention to percs can be a key concern when considering Bongs vs. Dab Rigs - Which is Right for You? A bong and flower may be the way to go if you enjoy the action that occurs in multiple percs in several chambers.

Percs are less of an issue for individuals who enjoy the compact nature of concentrates and the enhanced potency of wax, shatter, crumble, budder, draw and snap, sap, and beyond. To reduce waste, a dab rig uses a small number of percs.

Simple diffuser down stems, inline, showerhead, matrix, honeycomb, tree, gears, Swiss, and sophisticated spinning propellers are all common forms of percs.

Conclusion: Bongs versus. dab rigs

You may make a configuration that works with both flower and oil, but keep in mind that for dabs, smaller is better.

So the question of 'Bongs vs. Dab Rigs: Which is Right for You?' is basically a matter of personal preference.

Your choice will be influenced by the high you desire, the amount of money you have, the materials you choose, the features you desire, the location of your sesh, the type of weed you have, your tolerance level, and other factors.

Remember, no matter the type of water pipe you choose, you must utilize fresh, clean water to keep your pipe free of dirt for as long as possible.

That way, a hidden dab rig or bong won't be discovered.

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