Does Vaping Smell: Dab Pens and Weed Vaporizers

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Smell?

The transition from paper or glass smoking tools can be a beneficial one for many reasons.

However, there is a question that remains for those who are still smoking dry herbs or concentrates: does vaping produce the same kinds of odors that you would experience when smoking?

For those who are trying to remain discreet when smoking, this is a vital part of the process.

If you are considering switching to a vaporizer, take a look at the information provided below to learn more about what type of odor experience you can expect to have with your new product. 

Does Vaporizing Smell?


Almost everyone knows the earthy, skunk-like smell associated with smoking weed, even if you do not actively smoke yourself.

The good news is that dry herb vaporizers do not come with the same kind of pungent odor that you would expect to receive from smoking your weed. This is mostly due to the fact that there is no combustion involved in the vaping process.

That said, this doesn’t mean that the smell is gone entirely.

Despite the fact that the smell produced by vaping marijuana smells much less, there is still an odor that you will notice.

How to Reduce the Smell?

The great thing about herbal vaporizers is that their significantly less odor production makes it much easier to hide the smell.

The 5 best ways to make vaping smell harder to detect:

1. Ghost the Hit

Ghosting the hit involves taking a hit and holding it in for as long as possible.

Doing this makes sure that most of the vapor is absorbed in the lungs. The longer that you hold the hit in, the less vapor is going to be exhaled when you finally do release your breath.

Using this strategy, you should try to take smaller hits so that there is little vapor left to exhale when you finally do need to breathe. Also, you should make sure to slowly release this vapor over time so that it isn’t allowed to gather and attach to nearby objects. 

2. Take Smaller Hits

Smaller hits can reduce smells as it takes a lot of vapor to have the same strong odor that you would find with a marijuana smoke cloud. If you take smaller hits, the vapor that is exhaled won’t have the opportunity to gather and make the immediate space smell.

This is especially true if your vape produces thinner vapors. 

3. Use a Convection Vape

There are two types of heating methods used in vaporizers: conduction and convection.

Conduction heating vaporizes your herbs by applying a heat source directly to the surface of your weed. While this method is faster and uses less energy, the direct application of heat to the bud makes it possible for combustion to occur. This will result in a stronger cannabis smell.

Convection heating heats your herbs by surrounding it with heated air and cooking the active ingredients out of it. Using this method, you won’t have to worry about stronger scents coming out of your device.

4. Use Lower Temperatures


If you do choose to use a conduction or hybrid vape, make sure to play it safe by heating your dry herbs at lower temperatures. Lower temperatures can also make it so that your vapors aren’t as intense and eliminate a bit of the smell along the way. 

5. Clean the Herbal Chamber


Although you are using dry herbs in your device, the active ingredients and other substances found within your herbs are still sticky and fluid. When you vaporize these products, they can melt onto the surface of your vape and become a problem when they burn the next time you use it.

To avoid the burning weed smell, make sure to keep up with your device’s maintenance so that the burning of built-up residue isn’t allowed to occur. 

Do Dab Pens Smell?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have dab pens, which are electronic devices designed to handle wax concentrates instead of herbs or e-liquids.

While you would think that these products wouldn’t produce any odors, there is still a smell associated with dabbing, even if it is not as near as strong as smoking.

If you do notice a smell, there are some things that can be done. 

How to Reduce Dab Pens Smell?

When it comes to dab odors, here are some of the ways that you can reduce their presence and impact in the space around you. 

The 3 Top Ways To Reduce Dab Pens Smell:

1. Take Small Hits

Much like with a dry herb vape, taking smaller hits off of a dab pen can help to reduce the amount of vapor you are taking in. The smaller the hit, the less likely people are going to smell your vaping session. 

2. Use a Lower Voltage


Dab pens, unlike other vaporizers, will typically use voltages instead of temperature. Although this may be confusing for some users, voltages essentially indicate the overall temperature of your device.

Higher voltages will provide quicker heating for your unit while lower voltages will make for a slower vaporization experience. If you’re looking to keep the odors to a minimum, it is better to use a lower voltage as these are not as intense for the wax concentrates. 

3. Take Time in Between Hits to Cool the Atomizer 


Dabbing takes a lot of heat and energy. Much like an electronic dab rig, dab pens heat up the surface rapidly in order to melt down your concentrates once they’ve been loaded.

Although these products make it much easier for you to load and vape, you should take time to let the surface of your atomizer cool down. If you take hits too soon, the surface will become too hot and lead to a more intense, noticeable vapor quality. 


Dab Pens Frequently Asked Questions 

Those who have not yet purchased a vape pen are reasonably cautious to make sure that they have all their questions answered before they dip their toes into the vaping world.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that new users have about vaping products and marijuana odors.

Do Vape Pens Produce a Weed Smell?

As we’ve already discussed, vape pens are not without the smell of weed. However, there is a major difference between the odor that you would get when you smoke and the odor that is produced when you vape.

Dry herb vapors are much lighter and much less noticeable when they are vaporized rather than burned. The aroma is still there but you are easily able to hide it and you certainly won’t detect it as strongly during or after vaping sessions. 

What Does Weed Smell Like?

Weed has a very distinct odor that may vary depending on the strain that you are smoking. Strong strains often have that skunk-like smell that you would typically expect marijuana to smell like.

However, some strains may have more of a citrus and earthy smell that still smells like weed but is not as abrasive as other strains. Regardless of the flavor undertones, however, you will know marijuana when you smell it.

With vape pens, this weed smell has been toned down to the point where you have to search for it in order to recognize the scent. That, of course, depends on the strength of your substances and whether or not any accidental combustion is involved in the process. 

How Long Does the Weed Smell Stick Around?

The marijuana smell that you would detect after vaping is barely present. When you are taking regular draws, the vapors produced simply aren’t enough to stink up the room or your immediate area.

Keep in mind, however, that the impact of the odor relies on your vaping habits. If you are using your vape pen in a tight area that has little ventilation and nowhere for the air to go, your vapors are going to build up and cling to surfaces that will hold onto this smell for a longer period of time (until it is aired out or cleaned).

If you vape in an area with plenty of air moving through it and you’re not blowing your vapors onto surfaces that will absorb the vapors, your weed smell should clear up within a matter of minutes. 


Many new vape users are understandably worried about the usability of their vape and whether or not they can have a vape session without the tell-tale sign that comes with marijuana use.

If you have any questions about vaping and weed odors, use the guide above to learn more about what you should expect from your device and what you can do to vape safely! 

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