Glass vs Silicone: Which Nectar Collector?

Look around—everything is compact now.

Phones, TVs, cars, what have you. Why should the cannabis connoisseur be left behind, right?

This idea brought forth the invention and use of nectar collectors. Compact, concise, and comfortable to carry—without making any compromises on usability.

This has been the philosophy behind the inception of nectar collectors. 

Now the question arises—sure, but which is the best kind? Glass? Silicone?

Which one should you get for the best use-case balance of compactness and usability? Find out. 

Glass Nectar Collector

glass collector

As you might have guessed, the glass nectar collector is the go-to choice for most folks—for all the right reasons. After all, if it doesn’t pose any benefits, there would be no demands. 


Made of borosilicate, the glass nectar collector has stood the test of time. Not just that, but it poses a great deal of utility too.

What would those be? Keep reading. 

Better Taste

There is no doubt about the credibility of glass in retaining taste. There is a reason why glass is the go-to for most folks.

Glass is renowned for its ability to not only retain the taste of your concentrate, but the smoothness too. 

This way, glass nectar collectors make your experience pretty authentic. Not only are you getting the right hits, but without any decrease (or artificial enhancement for that matter) of taste. 

Cleaner Hit

In continuation with the aforementioned idea, glass nectar collectors ensure you get cleaner and smoother hits. By keeping the concentrate as accurate to the sensations as possible, the glass nectar collector gives you the most authentic hits. 

What better than a device so compact giving you hits which are comparable to rigs, right? 

Minimise Waste 

Since glass is easier to heat and re-heat, there is practically very little waste that forms as a result of dabbing. This, in turn, makes the glass nectar collector easier to clean too

How is this cleaning relevant? Well, the residue—there’s very little with the glass nectar collector. This makes it one of the most user-friendly collectors too.

If you are seeking minimum hassle while using and re-using your collector, this should be your go-to.

Silicone Nectar Collector

nectar collector

Moving on to the counterparts—silicone nectar collectors are the new kids on the block.

Does that mean that it poses more advantages? Does that mean it is a better alternative, or a better choice altogether? 

The answer isn’t as simple, but is more tuned to what you prefer.

Keep reading, for the benefits of the silicone nectar collector, might be appealing to you. 


Let’s digress a bit to tell you about the most important benefit of silicone here.

You must be aware of food-grade, high-quality silicone? The ones that can be used to store foodstuff because it is practically inert?

The same applies here too. 

Silicone nectar collectors are pretty safe to operate and use. Plastics, on one hand, pose serious complications; the same isn’t applicable for silicone.

If you are seeking a risk-free experience (at least from an equipment point of view), then silicone nectar collectors should be an ideal choice for you. 

The other discrepancy in benefit is taste. While most of you will prefer the taste that comes from glass, the silicone counterparts pose different advantages.

Some concentrates taste a lot better if heated from colder conditions. The silicone nectar collector can be used in these cases, for an enhanced effect. 

Coming back to the direct benefits of silicone nectar collectors, here are some more. 

Easier to Clean 

Silicone is practically nowhere as fragile as glass. For this, it makes for a greater and more efficient cleaning experience.

Silicone is practically clean by default, and makes it all the easier to discard all the excess waste that remains. 

On the other hand, it being less fragile gives you the opportunity to clean it thoroughly. With glass, you might also have that icky idea that it might break while cleaning.

With silicone? Not a dime of disillusion. 


Speaking of less fragile, did we tell you how durable silicone really is? It is practically implausible to break, let alone shatter it.

Silicone possesses massive durability, thereby making it one of the easier nectar collectors to recommend. 

This poses further benefits too. For instance, it is expected that you might be carrying your nectar collector around.
There is also an associated risk of shattering or dropping it while you are. For this, the silicone nectar collector is the most appropriate device. 

To Conclude

Now that you are aware of the entire glass vs silicone debate, we are here to tell you one last thing. Irrespective of which nectar collector you choose, you will not be wrong.

Moreover, you will be making not the right choice, but the more appropriate one. 

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