Learn First How a Nectar Collector Should Use and Recover?

How Should a Nectar Collector Be Used and Reclaimed?

The introduction of nectar collectors revolutionized dabbing by giving us a simpler, more convenient way to consume concentrates.

However, there might occasionally be a learning curve for new users who are just purchasing a nectar collector for their concentrate needs.

As it is with all new inventive goods on the market.

Has your first nectar collector recently been purchased?

Use the detailed guide below to learn how it works and how to start using your new dab straw to make sure you are getting the most use possible.

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What's the Process of a Nectar Collector?

While a nectar collector is designed to be simpler to operate, it performs very similarly to a dab rig in terms of functionality.

A nectar collector is a long, thin device with a specific tip that is heated, as opposed to heating a nail.

You simply place the heated tip in close contact with your wax concentrates to start heating and vaporizing them.

Then, after passing through the percolator and your dab straw, the vapors are drawn into your mouthpiece for inhalation.

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Nectar collectors are the ideal goods for dab aficionados who have always desired to take dabs everywhere.

They have found themselves due to their tiny constructions and simplicity of use.

A Nectar Collector's Use

Using a nectar collector appears to be rather simple at first appearance.

To operate your device properly, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind and things you need to know.

Let's get started with how to use your nectar collection.

1. Planning

You will need to set up your nectar collector before using it as you do with the majority of vape devices, but what does it entail?

Glue the kit together.

The tip and the body of the majority of nectar collectors are separate parts.

All you need to do to get your dab straw ready to use is join these two parts.

If you get an electric dab straw, you might need to attach the tip to the battery or body.

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This technique will be comparable and shouldn't be too challenging (especially if you follow the instructions that come with your device).

Put water in it.

Dab rigs are so well-liked due of their sophisticated filtering systems.

Which work to cool down the vapors and improve their flavor and smoothness before they enter your lungs.

Despite being much smaller than their huge counterparts, nectar collectors still have little percolators that perform the same job.

Once your dab straw is put together, add water to the percolator and make sure the lid is securely fastened.

Many nectar collectors have leak-proof bodies, so you won't have to worry about anything once you start taking dabs after your percolator is full.

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Wax preparation on a dab tray

There is no requirement to apply the dab concentrates to any portion of the nectar collector itself.

Because you are utilizing a nectar collector rather than a dab rig.

Instead, ensure sure your wax concentrates are placed on a heat-resistant surface that will allow contact between your dab tip and wax.

Without damaging it or causing you to breathe in potentially hazardous byproducts.

A thick glass dab tray or other particularly created dab trays are frequently excellent surfaces.

Warm Up Your Tip

So now that everything is set up, you are prepared to begin dabbing. What comes after that?

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Utilizing an E-nail or torch

The following step will vary depending on the product you're using.

If you're using a glass or silicone nectar collector, you'll need to manually heat the titanium, glass, quartz, or ceramic tip.

Take your dab torch, light it, and use a brushing motion to heat the very tip of the tip.

After doing this for a few seconds, find the point on the flame where the blue and orange colors meet. 

And place that portion against the edge of the tip while twisting it.

Your tip will start to take on an orange glow when it is ready to be dipped.

Wait a few seconds when it starts to light a lovely orange before starting the dabbing procedure.

As a side note, it's crucial that you use extreme caution when heating the nectar collector tip.

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With a titanium tip, you usually have greater safety, but once you start dipping, your tip still has a chance to overheat and maybe burn your concentrates.

Your dab session will be immediately ruined if you mistakenly overheat any other kind of tips.

And you'll have to wait till you can replace them for your device.

Heat handling must be done with care if you want to protect the nectar collector tip.

Possess a digital nectar collector? The good news is that your product doesn't need to be heated up in direct contact.

Turn it on instead and let your device handle it.

You can typically cycle through these heat settings on your device using the buttons.

Until you find the ideal temperature for your wax concentration if it has variable voltage options or precision temperature control.

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3. Dip

It's time to dip it into your wax and dab once everything is heated up and ready to go!

Make Certain It Is On A Firm Surface.

Make sure your wax concentrates are on a flat surface when you're prepared to take a dab.

Why? By doing this, you may avoid having to move your nectar collector around in an effort to gather all of the concentrates.

And ensure that your nectar collector tip can make direct touch with your concentrates so that they can be properly vaporized.

4. Dab It

Once everything is in place and your tip is heated enough, dip it in and take a breath.

Through the tip, the percolator, and your lungs, the vapor will be sucked in.

Just keep in mind that once you feel like you have the proper quantity of concentrate vapors flowing through your gadget. 

You will need to remove the tip.

In order for your vapors to flow through an electrical gadget, you might need to hold onto a button while inhaling.

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Electric Nectar Collector Use

As we've already mentioned, the electric nectar collector offers you better convenience than other nectar collectors because it operates more automatically.

Here is an illustration of how to use an electronic nectar catcher.

Get Your Wax Ready

To prepare your wax concentrates for vaporization when your device is primed and ready to dab.

Set them on a heat-resistant, flat surface like you would with a typical nectar collector.

Switch on your dab pen.

Turn on your vaporizer once everything is in place and wait for it to reach the correct temperature.

If your device has a variety of temperature settings, pick the one that is most appropriate for the concentrates you are vaping and wait until it is time to dab.

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In and Out

Dip and dab after the tip has been heated up appropriately!

As was previously mentioned, some devices allow you to inhale and the concentrates will be pulled in automatically.

While others may demand you to hold on to the power button in order to take a hit of your wax.


As you utilize your new nectar collection, you may have some essential questions that need to be answered.

These questions often arise while using a new item. You can have the following queries and need an answer to some of the most popular ones:

How Can I Tell When the Tip Is Cool?

When they are prepared to take their first dab, many people may be asking themselves this excellent question.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if your tip is still blazing or red hot, it will be far too hot for your concentrates and might cause harm to them.

The surface they are spread out on, or even the tip itself if it is made of quartz, glass, or ceramic.

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It is preferable to wait anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds to ensure that your tip is sufficiently chilled.

Although you will eventually reach your optimal temperature via trial and expertise, this amount of time will be plenty to allow it to cool.

How Can I Determine the Appropriate Wax Load?

How much wax should you apply to the surface before dipping your nectar collector in is a great question as well.

Similar to the above, users will have to experiment a lot with this.

Because how much concentrate you want to inhale will depend on your preferences and the kind of experience you're looking for.

Having said that, it's crucial to remember that nectar collectors are quite effective tools, which means you'll need less wax than you might anticipate.

To determine how much you want at a time, it is ideal to load little amounts of the chemical, vaporize them, and then gauge how you feel.

It is preferable to start out little with dabs than to take more than you can bear if you start out too big.


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High vs. Low Temperature

Many dab enthusiasts are aware of what they want from a dab.

But people who are new to dabbing and intend to use a nectar collector as their first dab equipment.

Could have a lot of questions about what temperature to dab at and how the amount of heat applied affects their overall experience.

The good news is that, depending on what you want from your dab, there are several suggestions for what heat to dab at.

Dabs for High Temperature

Interested in consuming hot dabs? For individuals who want to make sure that all of the components in their concentrates are heated to the right temperatures.

So that they experience all of the effects as soon as possible, high-temperature dabs are often regarded as being good.

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Hotter dabs, though, may have drawbacks. One major problem is that after you pass a certain point. 

Your concentrates start to burn and dangerous chemicals start to leak out.

Furthermore, there is a chance that you could harm the concentrates, the surface they are on, or the tip of the nectar collector.

Dabs for Low Temperature

The terpenes included in the wax are not burned off by low temperatures. 

Making low-temperature dabs perfect for individuals who prefer a delicious experience.

Lower temperatures may not give you as powerful highs.

But they can shield you from the negative effects of hot dabs and can frequently lengthen the time you are high.

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Simply said, the heat level depends on the kind of dab you want. Whenever you start dabbing with your nectar collector, keep these points in mind!

Reclaim: How do I?

Dabbing produces a compound called reclaim, which is similar to how your glass pieces gather resin when you smoke.

Reclaim is essentially compressed dab substance that you can once more vape.

Nevertheless, procuring this drug can be challenging, and many of the hazardous substances.

That are generated during high-temperature vaping sessions may be present in these dabs.

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Do your study to ensure you are engaging in this popular habit responsibly if you intend to collect and vape reclaim.

Although nectar collectors are excellent, it's crucial to utilize them correctly in order to prevent harming your surroundings or the device itself.

Use the aforementioned tutorial if you've just bought a nectar collector to find out more about them, how they operate, and how to start utilizing yours!

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