How Should One Perform Dabs? Just a Tiny Bit Will Do!

A Tiny Tip Will Do the Trick!

The practice of consuming or vaping cannabis concentrates is sometimes referred to as dabbing.

Even though it has been around for almost a decade, there are still some questions regarding how to "dab weed" and how to carry out this method.

There have been previous posts on TWB regarding dabs and how to take a dab.

But we wanted to give you the rundown on the many ways to do dabs so that you may choose the technique that is most suitable for you.

How should one dab most effectively?

However, many people who enjoy dabbing agree that using a fine glass dab rig with a quartz banger.

Is one of the greatest ways to taste dabs when they are inhaled, and that this is one of the best methods to do dabs.


The best way to do dabs is a question of personal preference.

You should also consider the most effective method for dabbing when you are away from home.

In this case, a portable dab rig might be the most suitable option.

Concentrates are typically considered to have a higher overall potency than flowers.

Which may explain why some consumers choose to take concentrates rather than flowers.


Concentrates of cannabis normally have a THC content that ranges from 70 to 90 percent, and they do not include any parts of the plant that have died.

In recent years, dabbing has been increasingly popular as a result of the increasing prevalence of cannabis legalization. 

And law modification for both recreational (adult-use) and medical marijuana.

As a result, there has been a rise in focus on the various techniques of consumption, including...

The Preferred Method for Smoking Wax

In addition to dabbing, you can smoke cannabis wax by placing it directly on top of the ground cannabis flower in the bowl or pipe that you are using to consume cannabis.


In another technique known as "T-Waxing" or "twaxing," the wax is combined with powdered cannabis flower to produce a substance known as "twax."

This technique can also be utilized. After that, you can either wrap it up in a joint or even drip it around the edge to create what's known as a "twaxed" joint (or pre roll).

Because the dab will burn more slowly when it is rolled with flower, it is the ideal substance for sharing.

The Most Effective Way to Inhale Concentrates

The most effective method of inhaling concentrates is a question of personal preference.

However dabbing is the method that is most popular among cannabis aficionados.


Dabbing provides a hit that is cleaner and more potent than other methods, delivers a taste that is more robust from the concentrate.

And enables the user to feel the effects almost instantly.

You can also ingest cannabis concentrates through the use of cartridges and tinctures.

Despite the fact that these methods of consuming concentrates are distinct from those that are used to dab marijuana.

To Smoke Dabs, What Do I Need to Have?

You can dab with a dab rig and torch, an electric nail (also known as an e-nail).

Or a variety of dab pens and other electric vaporizers designed specifically for dabbing cannabis concentrates.


Dabbing can also be done with an e-nail. It is really up to your own personal preference about the manner in which you would like to perform dabs.

Because each of these things has its own distinct collection of accessories and supplies that are required.

In most cases, an e-nail or dab rig is preferable for use in the comfort of one's own home.

But a dab pen is more convenient for use when one is traveling or otherwise away from home.

The act of smoking dab can be done in a variety of various ways.


Different Methods to Inhale Dab Smoke

  • Using a nail torch or a dab rig, depending on your preference (e-nail)
  • You can pre-load your dabs into a dab pen before using it.
  • Pre-filled vape cartridges for various vape pens (cartridge screws on to vape pen battery)
  • Into smaller pieces, then placed on top of or crushed on top of a bowl containing cannabis flower (in a pipe, bong, etc)
  • Twaxed or placed in a joint, depending on your preference (putting the wax in or around the joint or blunt)
  • Using a device known as a nectar collector (a glass product that utilizes a torch just like a dab rig, but is closer to the size of a pipe)

What Is the Appropriate Way to Hit a Dab?

Make sure your dab setup is ready to go before you take your first hit. Oil rig, torch, nail, and wand are the individual components that make up the rig.

Place a "dab" of the cannabis concentrate that you prefer to use on the wand.


The nail, also known as a banger, is first heated with the torch, and once it has reached the desired temperature.

The concentrate is applied to the nail using the wand, after which the user takes a hit.

Proper Dabbing Technique

  1. Use a torch to bring your nail up to a temperature where it can be seen to be hot.
  2. Put the glass dome you have over the nail. You can now proceed.
  3. Wait 10-45 seconds, depending on the kind of concentration you are dabbing, to allow the nail to cool down.
  4. Utilizing your wand (or any other suitable dabbing tool), place the concentrate within the nail.
  5. Inhale steadily through the mouthpiece while you move the dab tool around on the nail to evenly distribute your dab of concentration.
  6. Relax and take a deep breath!


Is It Possible to Use a Dab Pen with Shatter?

A dab pen is able to accommodate a wide variety of cannabis concentrates.

Including shatter, wax, crumble, and virtually any other solid or semi-solid form of cannabis concentrate.

The dab pen you are using will determine how much you can load into it as well as how long the session will last for you.

It is not possible to use any cannabis concentrates that are liquid in a dab pen chamber.

However, some dab pens have the capability of screwing a pre-filled vape cartridge.

Onto the battery once the dab chamber has been removed from the battery.

"EVRI 3 IN 1"

This is provided that the pre-filled vape cartridge is compatible with the battery.

One of these tried-and-true approaches will be the superior option regardless of whatever approach you choose to take.

After that, all you need to do is choose the type of concentration you wish to use.

Whether it be shatter, crumble, wax, or oil, and in a short period of time, you'll be able to start your dabbing experience.

Have fun dabbing!

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