How to be Safe with a Nectar Collector

The Nectar Collector is one of the best ways you can take dabs and smoke your wax. There are multiple ways to dab like using a dab rig, dab pen or other ways. Many people love the honey dab straw collector because it's raw, portable and quick. Many of them come in a box you can use to store them when you're not using it and also to use the box while transporting it. The dab pen is portable and quick too but some people complain about the nasty "electronic" taste they get from it.

Why Can a Nectar Collector be Dangerous?

Nectar Collectors are usually safe. The main part you want to watch out for is the heated tip and possibly any broken glass. Lets go into the different ways you should try to remain cautious when using one. When you are using one, make sure to be cautious with it. Don't walk around while using the torch.

Heated Tip

This one is the most obvious one but we tend to forget. When you heat up your titanium or quartz tip, don't put it back down on your table. Even more than this, you don't want to burn yourself. You can get some pretty gnarly crazy burns on your hand or arm if you forget the tip is scorching hot. When the tip is cooling down, you will notice it turn from a glowing red to transparent glass color.

My first Dab injury :/ burned myself toasty : Dabs

Smoking While the Tip is too Hot

One thing you want to avoid is taking dabs at an extremely high temperature. Some studies have been done on toxins forming by dabbing at higher temperatures. There are multiple dangerous effects that can happen from dabbing at high temperature. Inhaling hot oil vapors is also bad for your lung because of the small particles.

Always remember to take 10 seconds to let your tips cool down if its glowing red. This can be too hot and waiting it out is necessary to avoid any damage.

Shattering Glass

One thing you want to avoid is by watching out for cheap glass. If you have the opportunity to use glass or quartz, always go for quartz. It is much more resistant to breaking because of the thickness. Glass tips can often shatter while its being heated up. The last thing you want to worry about is hot glass shards flying everywhere.

Broken Glass

If you ever see your dab straw is ever broken or chipped, the first thing you want to do is open it apart if possible and clean it. You don't want to inhale through the mouthpiece and get small glass pieces in your mouth. Cleaning it by rinsing water through it will help all the little shards get washed out. But still be careful and use the glass nectar straw at your own risk. It will be best to replace it at this point though.

broken glass nectar collector

Stay Safe with a Nectar Collector

If you read through this whole article, I hope it didn't scare you. There are many ways to avoid being at risk with the nectar collector and below are some ways to make sure of this.

Keep the Scorching Hot Tip Elevated

When you finish taking a hit or want to cool the tip right after heating it up too much, try to keep the tip elevated. You can do this by placing the middle chamber on something elevated. Another great way is to put it on a small stand. The Lookah Seahorse Max comes equipped with a stand that makes it easy to dab and place it back on a stand to avoid any issues.

Don't Play with the Flames

This one should be pretty obvious but make sure you don't play with fire or the flames on the torch. This is especially true if you're near flammable items. When you turn the torch on, make sure it is pointed at the tip. Only heat up the tip and turn it back off. Also don't point the flames directly on the body of the silicone nectar collector. This can melt it.

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