Lookah Seahorse FAQ: Tips and Tricks

There is a reason why the Lookah Seahorse Pro won the 2020 awards for impeccable design. It uses a quartz coil instead of a ceramic one to provide you the purest taste.

Additionally, it also fits all 510 cartridges for you to smoke oil through it as well. 

That being said with great design and innovation comes a greater deal of questions.

So, what are some of the frequently asked questions behind the Lookah Seahorse?

lookah seahorse pro with 510 thread cartridge

Lookah Seahorse (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Being a product that is pretty much ahead of the curve, it is rather obvious to have questions regarding usage and other intricacies.

Here are some of the ones that we have already answered for you, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Seahorse 2 in 1 and Pro

As stated, the Lookah Seahorse is a truly revolutionary nectar collector.

Think about it, vape where you can smoke using both the mouthpiece end and the cartridge end?

Where are you gifted with the utility of a quartz coil instead of ceramic? Take our money!

In that regard, there are obvious queries regarding maintenance and cleaning.

Here are some of them. 

Lookah Seahorse User Manual

Lookah Seahorse User Manual

How Do I Clean the Seahorse?

Cleaning the Seahorse is as simple as its design is. Lookah has ensured through its innovation that not only do you get the best taste and extract while you smoke, but it also takes a negligible toll on your Seahorse. 

Either way, cleaning is essential to ensure both effectiveness and longevity, and this is how you do it. You will obviously need a syringe of sorts.

This is quintessential to ensure proper channeling and reach of the isopropyl alcohol that you will be using, as mentioned later. 

  • First, you have to remove the coil (or heating tip, as you might call it). This is required in order to get greater access to the chamber, for more effective cleaning obviously. 
  • Use the aforementioned syringe to eject some isopropyl alcohol through the mouthpiece. Be very cautious as you would only want to eject some alcohol in bits and drops. 
  • In order to ensure greater seepage and effectiveness of cleaning, keep your Seahorse upright or in a vertical stand. The drops of alcohol that you have applied should ideally let it get through to the deeper elements of the chamber here. 
  • Use a pipe-cleaner or a Q-tip to ensure more effective and targeted cleaning. Pass it through the mouthpiece and ensure that you clean it thoroughly. 
  • Now you can either use some warm water in squirts to remove the excess alcohol from the device, or use absorbing papers to do the same. You are the monarch of all you survey.  

Can I Use the Seahorse Pro While Charging?

Unfortunately this device cannot be turned on and used while charging. It does not have pass-through capabilities so it must be charged through before you can use it.

Alarm/Light Indications

  • Low Battery: Flashes red 8 times
  • Temperature Protection: Flashes purple 5 times
  • Output short-circuit alarm: Flashes Yellow 10 times
  • Open Circuit: Flashes yellow 5 times (Tip is defective. Change the tip)
  • Output overload alarm: Flashes cyan 12 times. (Resistance < 1ohm)
  • Button Output overtime: Indicator light flashes 2 times in the color of the current mode.

Unclogging Your Lookah Seahorse

If you've had this issue where your Seahorse dab unit is clogged, it's fairly easy to fix.

Simply hold it upright with the mouthpiece facing up. Turn it on the highest heat setting, put it on party mode and let it heat up for 10-15 seconds. Let it cool down and do it one more time.

On the second time, instead of turning it off to cool off, simply take a hit right before turning it off. 

This will help get the reclaim out.

Coils Stopped Heating Up

Your coil tip is not meant to last forever. It will require replacing every 2 months, depending on how often you use it. Simply twist it open and twist the new one on.

Button Stopped Working 

Being an electrical device, it may just be the case that your button stopped working. Fret not, for the solution to this is simpler than the usability (which, by the way, was every novice’s delight already).

Here is what you ought to do if your Seahorse’s button stops working. 

  • Firstly, try to see if the button is clickable in the first place. Ideally, you should be able to feel a click when you press it. While this sounds like a banality of sorts, making sure that the basic checkpoints are cleared is important. 
  • You should also try to click the power button about five times in quick succession. This is to ensure that your device is capable of being turned on / off. After you click in the said pattern, your indicator should flash three times. 
  • If your indicator did not flash, then try charging your device first. It might just be the case that your device has run out of juice. Once done with charging, press the power button five times again. Press and hold the power button to see if the coil gets hot. 

Flashing Yellow Light

If there is a flashing yellow light, there might just be an electrical error. Depending on the frequency of the said flashing, it can be either an open circuit error or a short circuit one.

Either way, the fixes, and workarounds are pretty easy to understand. 

5 Times

Flashing of the yellow light five times indicates an open circuit issue. This might be the case if the tip of your cartridge is too tightly bound, or too loosely.

Additionally, you can try doing this too. 

  • Rotating it anticlockwise, unscrew and remove the coil; use a Q-tip and some alcohol to remove excess dirt or the likes of the same around. 
  • Replace and screw it back. See if it works now. 
  • Ideally, your problem should be resolved by now. If that isn’t the case, then you can also consider replacing your coil altogether.
10 Times

Flashing of the yellow light ten times simply indicates a short-circuit issue. In this case:

  • Unscrew and take off the coil. As stated before, anticlockwise is the way to go. 
  • Clean the inner and 510 thread aspects of the device thoroughly and then screw it back.
  • Turn on the device to see if it is in pristine condition or not. If it is still not working, then consider changing the coil for greater and maximum utility. 

Flashing Red Light

This is actually simpler to comprehend than the yellows. Flashing of the red light indicates that there is a lack of power in your device now.

This is much easier to solve and requires no brainstorming at all.

  • Simply power or charge your device for about two hours or so. Ensure that you can see the LED light while your device is charging. 
  • In that regard, keep in mind that you cannot use the device while it is charging. Why not let it refill to its full potential before you can enjoy it cyclically, isn’t it?
  • Remember to turn off the device while it is charging. Press the power button five times or so to ensure this. 
  • After your device is charged, turn it back on and enjoy!

lookah seahorse pro manual

Flashing Blue Light

If you see a blue light while powering your device on, there might be an overload issue.

This is pretty simple to solve, though.

  • Unscrew and take off the coil. Clean the inner and 510 thread aspects of the device thoroughly, and then screw it back. 
  • You have to be careful about screwing it back appropriately into place. If it is not the case, you will get a circuit error message. 
  • Screw the coil back appropriately. 
  • Turn on the device to see if it is working now. 

Safety Protections

  • Overcharge protection: Stop charging when voltage is 4.25V
  • Over-discharge protection: There will be no output when the voltage is lower than 3.2V. The power will go off if the voltage is lower than 2.5V.
  • Short circuit protection: There is no output when the load is lower than 0.5Ω
  • Overload protection: There is no output when the load is lower than 1Ω.
  • Temperature protection: There will be no output when the temperature is over 158 or is lower than 4.
  • Smoke overtime protection: The output will shut down if you keep heating it up for over 20 seconds.

Can’t Be Charged

If your Seahorse Max or Pro is unable to receive power, do the following. 

  • Most importantly, see if your indicators are working or not. If it is, then observe the kind of light being flashed. 
  • Additionally, see if there are any charging or circuit problems. You can simply observe the USB ports or the charging ports to make a valid analysis. 
  • If your charging port appears to be dry, use some good ‘ol isopropyl to clean the said ports. 
  • If it is still not working, try a separate charging lead and socket. This should ideally solve your charging problems. 

How to Use with 510 Thread Cartridge

With the Lookah Seahorse, you are bestowed with great modularity; in this regard, being able to use it with the 510-thread cartridge too.

This is how you do the honors. 

  • You need to be very cautious and ensure that the cartridge tip is not hot. While this might not sound intuitive, it is important for you to be ever-so-cautious. 
  • Unscrew the tip and insert the 510-Thread cartridge. 
  • After this, you can turn on the seahorse pro and vape from the mouthpiece; you need to press the button as you do so to vaporize the content of your cartridge, as shown here. 

Replacement Accessories

Continuing the idea of modularity, the Lookah Seahorse comes packed with a plethora of purchasable accessories. What makes a good product great are the after-sales services, customer support, and in this case, a multitude of accessories. 

If you browse thoroughly, you will be able to find atomizers, coils, glass tubes, and many more things. Shop away all you like, for you will be left wanting for more!


As stated earlier, the reason why the Lookah Seahorse is hailed in such high regard is because of the innovative coil technology used. Moreover, there are a couple of variants here too, as mentioned below. 

lookah seahorse coils

Coil-I Quartz

While it might be a tad sensitive, the quartz coils are quintessential for the vaping connoisseur. If you are in a quest to get the best taste out of your Lookah Seahorse, you can blindly trust the quartz coil variant. 

There are two things you need to keep in mind with regards to the quartz tip, though.

  • First, ensure that fully burn all the concentrates with each dab;
  • Secondly, avoid cleaning it with the brush or any other solvents. 

Coil-II Ceramic

The ceramic tips are the epitome of durability, and can easily withstand higher temperatures or so. As with the quartz tip, here too you need to ensure fully burning the concentrates without leaving any behind. 

What’s the Difference?

Barring the obvious difference in choice of material, the use-cases and application of both the coils are varied too. While these are mostly attributed to their chemical natures, there is a pretty simple use-case here.

If you want a better taste, go for the quartz coil variant, (almost) blindly. If you want more durability, quicker heating, and being able to bear greater durations of temperature, go for the ceramic one.

Also, you might be seeking greater smoke too—in which case the ceramic would again make more sense. 

At the end of the day, it’s a difference of taste vs easier heating. Safe to state, you’ll be left satisfied either way.

Read here more information about Bongs and its history.


Nectar Collector Kit

Nectar Collector Kit

@Max – Sure! Check this video out. It gives you more details on how to clean the tips.




Are there directions or videos on how to clean the quartz tips? Can you advise how to do so? What I’m doing isn’t working. Thank you in advance.

Kirsten L Rasmussen

Kirsten L Rasmussen

Charlie, there is a wiring issue which you can fix at home. Pop off the coil and flip it. there are two metal rings at the bottom. remove them carefully. inside you will see two wires, one of which needs to be poking through the middle and the other touching the side. It is most likely these wires got twisted when changing the coils or for the same reason headphones get tangled in pockets. Hope that helped!



What if, after I clean it, and followed all instruction perfectly, it still flashes yellow 10 times? Help!

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