Nectar Collectors vs Dab Pens: Which One is Better?

Individuals who enjoy smoking have always had a host of options to choose from.

Whether it was traditional smoking options like pipes or joints or new developments like vape pens or dry herb vaporizers, smoking on the go was something that smokers could always do.

However, dab enthusiasts only had their dab rig to use in the past. Although this isn’t a bad product, it doesn’t allow for portability, making it a tool that you can only hit at home. 

Fortunately, innovation has led to the development of a wide variety of great dab products, with some of the choice options being nectar collectors and dab pens.

But if you find yourself struggling to pick between the two, how do they measure up against each other. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at nectar collectors and dab pens to help you gain a better understanding of them both and which one will be the best fit for you. 

What is a Nectar Collector? 

A nectar collector, also known as a dab straw or a honey straw, is a product that functions much like a compact dab rig. All you have to do to use a nectar collector is heat up the tip (either with a torch or electronically), insert your heated tip directly into your concentrates, and inhale!

Nectar collectors make for the perfect dab experience on the go if you want the quality that a dab rig has to offer without having to bring your dab rig with you. 

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What Is a Dab Pen?

A dab pen is an electronic device that functions much like a regular vape pen would. All you have to do to use a dab pen is load your concentrates into the internal concentrate chamber, turn on your dab pen and navigate to your favorite temperature setting, wait for your dab pen to heat up, and take a hit.

If you love electronic vapes, a dab pen may be a better option for you!

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The dab pen and the nectar collector may produce the same outcome, but they offer a very different experience.

Some of these differences include:

Concentrate Chamber 

Dab pens contain an internal concentrate chamber that uses direct heat to melt down your concentrates into vapor. This internal component adds a couple of steps that you’ll need to go through in order to start dabbing.

Meanwhile, a nectar collector streamlines the vaporization process by dipping directly into your concentrates. This way, all you have to do is heat your tip and dip (you can rely on even fewer tools if you decide to purchase an electronic nectar collector).

Keep this in mind when you’re shopping around for the right dab gear.

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Temperature Heat 

Dab pens typically offer pre-set temperature settings or precision temperature control to help you melt down your concentrates. Meanwhile, nectar collectors may offer a variation of the above or utilize a more traditional dab rig style where you use a mini blowtorch to heat the tip.

The type of heating style on either doesn’t really make a difference in performance but it is a preference for many. Consider your budget and which types of products offer these features so that you can find the perfect portable dab product for your needs. 


Of course, because these products are both portable and are designed to help you dab on the go, there are some similarities that make these types of dab products the best on the market.

A few similarities between the two that you’ll notice as you’re shopping around include: 

Heating Coil

Dab pens contain a heating coil that allows you to melt down your concentrates and turn them into vapor. If you do choose a glass nectar collector, you won’t find a heating coil here, but you will find a heating coil if you decide to choose an electronic option.

But what’s the difference between a manual nectar collector and an electronic one. The biggest difference lies in the fact that one requires a heating torch while the other can be operated without it.

If you’re a fan of convenience, go for the second model!

Variable Temperature

Most electronic nectar collectors and dab pens will use variable temperature settings simply because precision temperature controls are not needed. Whether you go for an electronic dab pen or an electronic nectar collector, you’ll find multiple heat settings on both. 


Dab enthusiasts have far more options to choose from in this day and age, but finding the right product can still be hard.

Whether you have an interest in a new dab pen or a manual or electronic nectar collector, use the guide above to learn more about these two options and which one may be the best fit for your needs!

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