Different Honey Collectors Suitable For Dabbing

Various Nectar Collectors for Dabbing

Do you know what a nectar collector is? Although it's not the most popular smoking device.

It is undoubtedly becoming more and more widespread.

Nectar collectors exist in a number of styles, just like bongs and dab rigs.

For more information on nectar collector features, types, and other topics, continue reading.

Using a nectar collector: How Do You Dab?

In the realm of dabbing, a nectar collector is a relatively recent equipment.

Sometimes called honey straws or dab straws, they are lengthy objects that resemble electronic (or other material) syringes.

They perform in a way that is quite comparable to straw.

Let's quickly go through how to hit a regular dab before we detail what it's like or how to utilize a nectar collector.


It's possible to consume THC without using dry plants by dabbing instead of bonging.

Dabs are popular because they are more hygienic and offer smoother fragrant sensations.

Having saying that, hitting a dab can be a laborious and challenging procedure.

The water in the bong must first be filled, and after that, a nail on the side of the bong must be heated.

Here's where things become complicated since overheating the nail results in incredibly severe hits.

Once everything has cooled, you simply apply the wax on the nail and breathe in.

However, there is always cleaning to do and waiting to do.


Nectar collectors can aid in this situation. With these devices that resemble straws.

You simply push a button to heat the straw before dipping it into the wax of your choice.

That's really all there is to dabbing with a nectar collector.

In this way, you can take hits whenever you want to without having to use a dab rig, which is an unnecessary step.

The Advantages Of A Nectar Collector

Naturally, the ease of cleanup and portability of a nectar collection are two of its most significant advantages.

Due to the fact that you won't need to employ different pieces of equipment.

You basically just need to clean one object in order to gain a single hit.

The nectar collector itself is most likely that item.


The same reasoning applies to portability as well. Every time you want to hit a dab, you don't need to carry around as much gear.

In most situations, all you'll need is a collector and some concentrate.

Other advantages are:

  • Simple to use
  • Excellent for dabbers who are just starting off
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces costs and time.

The nectar collectors' cooling system is one advantage that deserves its own notice.

The majority of the time, dabbing rings create hard blows that burn throats.

Some dab rings have built-in water filtration systems that can filter hits to lessen the intensity of the burn.


Although nectar collectors lack elaborate filtering systems, they do feature tiny filters that offer comparable cooling benefits.

Since the gadget is still relatively new, benefits are still being investigated.

But we're confident that using a nectar collector dab has many more advantages.

Various Forms of Nectar Collectors

There are various varieties of nectar collectors, just as bongs and dab rigs.

Unfortunately, because it's a little device with few uses, the choices is rather more constrained.

However, there are still several nectar collector choices available, so no worries.

Let's examine the most prevalent categories of nectar collectors.

Nectar Silicone Collector

Would it surprise you to learn that silicone wasn't the first material used to create bongs and dab rigs?


Yes, glass and ceramic have long reigned supreme in the world of smoking.

However, silicone is quickly gaining popularity as a material for smoking tools and accessories.

This is primarily because to how inexpensive they are to manufacture in comparison to materials like glass and ceramic.

Also, they are incredibly simple to clean.

With these kinds of collectors, all you have to do is soak it in hot water with soap to get a clean nectar collector!


The material is incredibly sturdy, so there's no need to worry about it breaking or shattering.

We have a piece on "Are Silicone Bongs Safe?" if you're unsure about silicone.

Glass Nectar Collector

Glass is a common component of practically all smoking accessories.

Glass is a reliable and reasonably priced material that can be used for pipes and bongs.

It's not surprising that when people started utilizing this equipment, the trend of nectar collectors also spread.

These particular nectar catchers closely resemble the conventional dab.


Your mouth receives a clean, fresh hit from the vapors that are circulated throughout the collection as you breathe them in.

Both novice and seasoned dabbers will love these.

Glass and Silicone Nectar Collector

A silicone and glass honey straw that has been hybridized may be your best option.

If you want the advantages that silicone and glass have to offer in your nectar collector.

Because they have the ability to filter water, silicone and glass nectar collectors.

Have a considerable advantage over conventional silicone nectar collectors.

Filtration of the water gives for a much smoother hit, which is a huge benefit.



Glass and silicone nectar collectors are far more resilient than pure glass, but they still need to be handled carefully.

Nevertheless, they are ideally suited for an active, hectic lifestyle.

The delicate glass attachments must be kept in a secure location if you choose to utilize the water filter and attachments, nevertheless.

In order to prevent spills if you put the filter in your pocket, it's a good idea to empty the water first.

A little water goes a long way when it comes to a glass and silicone nectar collection.



This implies that you don't need to fill the filter to the brim with water in order to get a sufficient and comfortable hit.

Silicone and glass nectar collectors are simple to use, just like all other nectar collectors and dab straws.

The highly conductive properties of titanium are to blame for the quick heating up and cooling down times.

A silicone and glass nectar collector is the ideal option if you anticipate using one frequently.

Or if you want a gadget that will stand the test of time as you continue your exploration with concentrates.

Electric Nectar Collector

Ah, the eagerly anticipated (and adored) electronic nectar collector.

These tiny fellas are ideal for portability because they eliminate the need for a torch, which is required for the other materials.


As a result, electronic nectar collectors are more portable. You might only be worried about cleaning.

To prevent having any electronic components wet or broken, you need to be a little more cautious when cleaning.

The heat is now dispersed absolutely evenly. The taste is smoother and there is no scorching. more robust.


Electronic dab straws can do almost anything.

This not only prolongs the battery's overall life but also guards against potential fire and accident damage.

The eStraw also has quick charging capabilities, ensuring that you never miss a session.

The eStraw is a prime example of pure dabbing ecstasy thanks to its quick heating and charging times. Simply dab and go!


Water Filter and Electric Dab Straw

An electric dab straw with a water filter is for you when you demand the best of the best, no matter the cost.

These kinds of nectar collectors let you to create the smoothest hit imaginable.

In addition to providing the convenience of an electric dab straw.

A tried-and-true technique for lowering the harshness of smoke or vapor is water filtering.

Its advantages are two-fold, including lowering the temperature of the smoke and removing dangerous toxins from it.

Electric dab straws with built-in water filters are perfect for any kind of wax or oil you use.


Whether you're new to nectar collecting or seeking to add a new tool to your collection.

What Are The Best Options?

It depends, is the short response to this question.

It actually depends on your preferences as these gadgets and their distinctive nectar collector features are just marginally different.

If you enjoy dabbing, electronic music might be for you.

Consider becoming electronic if you really want to carry the fewest amount of stuff possible.

For seasoned dabbers, glass is a fantastic alternative. They cost a little more, but they're worth it.


We strongly advise silicone if you're a casual smoker or are just starting out with dabs.

You won't have to spend any extra time on it because it's simple to use and clean. Additionally, it is affordable.

You can feel secure knowing you didn't squander hundreds of dollars on a device you didn't like if you don't like it.

Are you interested in our recommendations for the top alternatives for each type?

Your Option of Various Nectar Collectors for Dabbing

Do you find dabbing with nectar collectors to be intriguing?

We advise you to learn more about dabbing with one and check out strategies for getting the best hit.


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Have fun dabbing!

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