What Is a Dab Mat and What Are They Used For?

Dabbing offers a much stronger THC experience as you’re using concentrated THC extracts rather than smoking the bud itself.

But while dabbing may be a fun treat or even the preferred method of absorption for some users, the truth is that it can get very messy quite quickly.

If you’re not careful enough, you could ruin the surface you’re dabbing on or even the dab rig itself. To make sure that you have a great, safe dabbing session each time, you’re going to need a dab mat. 

What is a Dab Mat?

A dab mat is a type of rubberized surface that you can place underneath your dab rig when you go to have a dab session. Much like you would have a rolling tray for your joints and your blunts, a dab mat is an essential tool for all dabbers for reasons that we will be covering in the next section. 

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What Is It Used for?

A dab mat is used for a wide variety of purposes that all build upon each other to enhance the dabbing experience as a whole.

Top 3 Reasons I need a Dab Mat:

1. Keep Your Area Clean 

Have you ever went to take a dab, only to drop your hot wax on your countertop or floor? If so, you know how difficult it can be to try to scrape dabs off various surfaces without ruining them.

The best way to avoid this issue is to prevent any messes from taking place to begin with. A dab mat keeps the surrounding area protected from any hot wax that may drop down from your dab tool.

Additionally, you’ll find these products much easier to clean than your surfaces. 

2. Used for Dabbing Materials 

Setting your dabbing materials down could mean getting wax stuck to various surfaces or accidentally burning into surfaces and materials around you, which is never a good thing.

A dab mat gives you a place to set your materials down so that you can avoid these types of situations (although you will want to wait for any hot materials to cool down before you set them down anywhere).

Some dab mats may even contain storage areas for your various tools so that you can easily keep them safe and portable whenever the need arises. 

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3. Coaster for Your Dab Rig 

Much like you wouldn’t want to set a cup down without a coaster, it’s not the best idea to set a dab rig down without support either.

The difference being that the dab rig may chip or break if it’s set down too hard. Colder water could cause an even larger water stain on whatever surface it finds itself upon.

A dab mat not only protects your surface from the rig but your rig from the surface!

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Benefits of a Dab Mat 

The many benefits of a dab mat are associated with the uses provided above. Dab mats give your dab rig extra protection from any accidental scraping or breaking.

It can even protect your surfaces from any hot wax that may dribble down.

It will also keep all of your tools in one convenient place so that you have access to them when you need them. If all of these benefits appeal to you, getting a dab pad should be at the top of your list of tools to purchase. 

How a Dab Pad Protects You

A dab pad gives you the peace of mind you need to know that you won’t accidentally drop something and cause harm to your environment or to yourself.

For example, if you drop something and instinctively reach for it because you don’t want it to land anywhere else, you may end up burning or harming yourself in the process.

The same goes for any tools that may accidentally set something on fire or even tools that may land on you. The best way to protect yourself and your environment is to take the necessary precautions ahead of time. 


Not all tools are necessary, but a dab mat is one of the essentials that every dab enthusiast should own.

If you don’t have a dab mat and don’t know what their purpose is, the guide above will help you better understand how they function and what they have to offer!

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