Dry Herb Smoking Or Using A Water Pipe To Inhale Concentrates

The most effective way to consume concentrates

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in both the body of information.

And the body of scientific research pertaining to smoking and vaping.

This has opened the door for dozens of new approaches and hypotheses to be brought to light in relation to the consumption of smokables.

Nevertheless, it has also caused many people to have one question that is burning in their thoughts.

How can one take a hit or a dab in the most hygienic manner possible?

Many people believed that the solution to this question had been provided by the widespread availability of vaporizers.

But, as a result of additional innovation, we have taken the concept of clean consumption one step further with concentrates.


This is not just because we are constantly working to make the drug itself cleaner and more pure.

But also because we are constantly working to improve the ways in which it can be used.

One of the most significant developments has been the enhancement of the processes that we have for filtering water.

When it comes to eating concentrates, you have such a wide variety of alternatives for consumption.

Including nectar collectors, wax pens, e-rigs, water pipes, dab rigs, and a great number of other methods that are all considered to be appropriate.


This is due to the fact that when concentrates were originally established.

We did not have a complete understanding of them.

Hence, the evolution of our knowledge regarding concentrates has also been accompanied by an evolution of our ways for ingesting it.

Now, the industry has begun to rethink each smoking device with water filtration, and it's exciting to see where this goes.

The pursuit of a better lifestyle is a major motivation for many individuals, which has played a significant role in their decision to switch to concentrates.


Concentrates have continued to make strides toward becoming ever more pure and spotless.

As a natural consequence of this, recent developments have focused on finding ways to make the vapor as free of contaminants as is humanly possible.

This has resulted in many vaporizer users increasing the amount of water filtration they use while consuming concentrates.

This is due to the fact that there is a discernible amount of reclaim that can be obtained by passing concentrate vapor through a water filtration setup.

After going through the filtration process, the vapor that is produced from concentrates has a much more even consistency.


Because this indicates that the consumer's lungs are having an easier time absorbing the chemical.

The customer is given the impression that the vapor they are inhaling is of a higher quality.

Because of the reduced temperature, the cleaner vapor, and the significantly less thick vapor, water-filtered vapor is much more pleasant for the lungs.

All of these effects are caused by water, and to some extent, increasing the amount of water that your vapor is exposed to amplifies the positive effects.

You should absolutely get a water pipe that comes equipped with a recycler and possibly even a percolator for the very finest smoking experience.


Choosing a pipe that has the appropriate filtration technology to filter your vapor can also be significant.

Any customer who has used a nectar collector or vape pen in addition to a high-quality water pipe. 

Can attest to the fact that the difference between regular smoke and smoke that has been filtered via water is strikingly obvious and unmistakable.

Nevertheless, there are benefits to using either approach.

The use of a water filtration system will typically result in a more hygienic experience.


Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that due to the efficacy of these devices. 

You will lose a sizeable amount of the product that can be smoked.

The water acts as a filter, removing from the vapor any concentrates that are suitable for smoking.

After smoking through your pipe a few times, you will almost probably find quite a bit of concentrates in the water when you finally clean it.

This is because the concentrates have been dissolved in the water.

Despite the fact that a typical nectar collector that does not use filtration would generate less waste and will be easier to transport.


Using one will result in a less than perfect vaping experience for people who are seeking the purest possible vapor.

This leaves the decision up in the air for a lot of individuals, but for the benefit of your health and the purpose of this post.

We are going to talk about the method that is going to provide you with the safest and most delightful experience possible.

Since this is the case, it is simple logic to conclude that increased water filtration is preferable.

Dab rigs, nectar collectors, and water-filtered vaporizers are now readily available on the market, which is good news for everyone.


Imagine that the apparatus that you use to vaporize your concentrates is your lungs.

Directly below the nail or banger, you will locate the area of the pipe that is the most contaminated.

As you walk further away from the source, the air becomes cleaner.

You will discover that each additional layer of water filtration contributes to a cleaner environment.

As you continue to add more water filtration to that process.

Consider for a moment that the last stage of filtration is performed by your lungs.


Before the vapor enters your mouth, there should be as many levels of filtration as possible.

This will reduce the amount of contaminant and waste that enters your throat and lungs.

This makes it quite evident that the ideal option for cleaner dabbing is a device with a substantial amount of filtration.

As opposed to a device that is smaller and more straightforward that does not have any filters.

This article ought to make things easier.


But the most essential thing to keep in mind while selecting the correct device for you is your own specific requirements at the moment.

You can reach out to us at nectarcollectorkit.com if you have any additional questions or require assistance.

Have fun dabbing!

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