Why Was the Tip of Your Electric Straw Dab Pen Broken?

Why Was the Tip of Your Electric Straw Dab Pen Broken?

RELEAFY delves into the specifics of tip cracks that the electric straw dab pen suffered while in use in today's technical series.

You pull out the electric straw dab pen you recently purchased to spend some dabbing time.

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But as soon as you start using it, the tragic tip cracking event takes place.

The most crucial component of the electric straw dab pen is the tip.

Because dabbing requires dipping the tip into the concentrate and inhaling through the nozzle.

The electric straw dab pen's tip is essential for generating steam and flavor.

Why Are You A Cracked Electric Straw Dab Pen?

How can I prevent chipping the electric straw dab pen's tip?

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The following are some causes of the tip's brittleness:

1. Content

For the electric straw dab pen, there are three different types of tips available: titanium tips, quartz tips, and ceramic tips

The most popular tip on the market is made of quartz because it warms up quickly (10–15 seconds).

Has a pure flavor, and produces a vapor cloud, but it is not as strong as titanium.

Cleaning is quite simple; you can do it yourself or use an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to finish the job;

Dipper 2 in 1 Electric Nectar Collector Dip Devices the Dipper eliminates this difficulty by offering dual functionality.

Ceramic tips heat up in 15–20 seconds, emit a lot of steam and have a strong aroma, but they are not as durable as titanium and quartz.

A cotton swab soaked in alcohol can also be used for cleaning.

Titanium is used for the tip, which is resistant to high temperatures but has a sluggish heating time of 15 to 30 seconds.

Additionally, the titanium tip is not the best for flavor or vapor, and when using it.

You might inhale the taste of metal (and there is a possibility of heavy metals exceeding the standard).

Additionally, cleaning is a problem because concentrate residue can adhere to metal surfaces.

2. The tip overheating

Between 600 and 900 degrees Fahrenheit is where most concentrations vaporize.

Your electric straw dab pen is too hot if the tip is red.

Atmos Electro Dabber Electric Nectar Collector is a multi-function vaping device.

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However, a lot of people want to feel the rush of intense heat.

So they increase the temperature to its highest setting and heat the tip for an excessively long time.

When submerged in the concentrate in this circumstance, the tip also fractures.

3. Spray some water on the tip.

Water quickly evaporates and the heated electric straw dab pen tip breaks as it drips into it.

4. The electric straw dab pen is knocked on the floor.

This is the most frequent reason for an electric straw dab pen's tip to chip.

Mini Nectar Collector Honey Straw Vertical Dabber 510 Thread It is a glass pipe water bong dab tool with a dank way to approach dabbing.

An electric straw dab pen may unintentionally slip off if you use it and then set it down on the table without a cap.

Advice on how to prevent electric straw dab pen tip chipping

1. When selecting an electric straw dab pen, be sure to consider the tip material and select one that you enjoy dabbing with.

2. Pay attention to the temperature and duration of the tip heating
Don't let the tip become too hot.

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If the tip is blazing red, you've burned it too much. This may result in heat transfer to the joint or a crack in the tip.

Due to the high temperature, over heating can also result in the production of hazardous chemicals when the concentrate is inhaled.

Therefore, as soon as you notice the tip barely beginning to glow, cease heating.

3. Use an electric straw dab pen without violence.

You can put the lid on after using the electric straw dab pen to prevent falling issues.

You can mount an electric straw dab pen that you bought without a cap on your dab pen holder.

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When you know how to prevent tip chipping, using the electric straw dab pen carefully.

Can help you use it for a long time and spare you the time of having to choose an electric straw dab pen again.

And the money it would have cost you to buy one.

Everyone who possesses an electric straw dab pen will find it enjoyable, but you must take care of them properly or you'll have to buy replacements.

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