Your Electric Dabbing Introduction

Dabbing Introduction

Do you just recently begin dabbing? Alternatively, perhaps you've been a longtime fan of flower and are now researching concentrates.

We provide the ideal dabbing solution for beginners for anyone who is just beginning into concentrates and oil.

And a torch is not even necessary! That's correct, Nectar Collector is now providing an electric dabbing option.

You should pause and check out the Electric Donut from Nectar Collector even if you already own an oil rig.

Some people would say that this is the finest method to enjoy dabs because it is electric dabbing at its most straightforward and elegant.

Our most affordable offering in the realm of the Electric Nectar Collector is the Electric Donut.

Even though it may be at the bottom of our price list, Nectar Collector is the source of it.


That guarantees that the electronics and, of course, the glass that you purchase are of the highest quality and durability.

The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Simple Kit will be perfect for you if you want to water-cool your electric dab.

Get ready to hit a button and Dip, Sip, and Rip.

Good Glass

As you are aware, glass is Nectar Collector's primary focus.

Therefore, when we made the decision to go electric, we were aware that we needed to concentrate on technology and how to use it with our glass.

Naturally, our attention was on the unfamiliar region we were entering. But we also couldn't let go of what made us successful.


Each item in the Electric Nectar Collector line-up is created with the greatest glass and glass artists.

Nectar Collector is known for producing high-quality glass, and we are passionate about the craft of glassmaking.

Although the E-Tip is a crucial component of our portfolio of Electric Nectar Collectors, we never ceased considering glass!

We've repeatedly (gladly) tested our glass with the E-Tip, and as a consequence, we've improved our designs so they work perfectly with the E-Tip.

In order to give you the smoothest, most intense hits imaginable, the Electric Donut contains a glass component that was manufactured especially for the E-Tip.


Simple Electric Dabbing

The Nectar Collector Electric Donut is most appropriately compared to a dab straw, albeit it is significantly superior to a standard dab straw.

The Electric Donut is made of glass, to start! When it comes to flavor, there is just no comparison to a standard electric dab straw.

Cheap plastic dab straws always leave you with a strange taste in your mouth, as anyone with experience will tell you.


With glass, strange flavors won't ever be a problem—unless you have some strange oil!

The Electric Donut provides concentrate vapor in its purest form because it is a dry item as well.

Some individuals may find the idea of using an electric dabber without water cooling to be awkward.

But we've engineered the Electric Donut to provide the finest cooling and airflow balance.

Because of our extensive experience developing glass, the Electric Donut's distinctive shape was not chosen at random.

To create the best possible cooling and airflow in a dry piece created exclusively for electric dabs.


Kristine and the Team worked diligently on researching, prototyping, and testing various designs.

The outcome? You can sit back, press a button, and dip, sip, and rip thanks to the delectable doughnut shape that cools vapor and chalks up well!

The mobility of the Electric Donut was another major problem for us.

We have always been interested in form factor, which is why we create hand-held vertical vaporizers.

Our Nectar Collectors and Honeybirds' distinctive form factors enable you to take traditional dab anytime, wherever.

By eliminating external heating, we extend that concept with the E-Tip. Now that everything is battery-powered, everything you need to dab is in your hand.

"EVRI 3 IN 1"

The wonderful taste and strength that we are renowned for are still present in the Electric Donut, which we created to be as little as possible.

It's a powerful weapon that fits in the palm of your hand.

With the Electric Tip, you can fill up your Donut or other Electric Nectar Collector as often as you like without having to stop for heating.

In our opinion, that is a significant benefit of going electric.

But when it came to our electrified dabbing lineup, we had to make sure that everyone was covered.

This meant that we had to make room for both taste enthusiasts and power users.

The Nectar Collector Electric Tip may be adjusted to meet your demands, whether you want low-temp, terpene-heavy dab sessions or you prefer the strongest hits imaginable.


You can regulate how hot the tip gets while heating by using the three temperature settings.

This enables you to regulate taste and the rate at which your concentrate is vaporized.

Not Only Adjustability, But Also Customizability

E-Tip Sip Tips and E-Tip Dip Tips are two additional tip varieties we provide.

A composite quartz-based tip created with flavor and potency in mind is the E-Tip Sip Tips.

The Sip Tips can be a mouthful, so don't let the name fool you. If your top priority is potency, follow these recommendations.

The E-Tip Dip Tips, on the other hand, are available. A coil-based tip, the Dip Tips.


Compared to their predecessor, Dip Tips don't vaporize concentrate as quickly.

Dip Tips are therefore suitable for persons who place a high value on taste.

With our Dip Tips, you can take large rips, but they only provide the most delicious dabs.

When it's time to receive some new advice, they give extra customisation for your Electric Nectar Collector.

That could happen sooner rather than later, depending on how much you dab!

Our Electric Tip heating elements will eventually need to be replaced, just like our other tips and any heating element for dabbing like a nail or bucket.


Don't worry; purchasing more E-Tip Sip Tips and E-Tip Dip Tips is inexpensive and simple.

We also created the Nectar Collector E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink, a cool little accessory that is a huge assist.

Especially if you use your Electric Nectar Collector as your new daily dabbing device.

This tiny accessory accomplishes some serious labor-intensive work!

To diffuse heat and produce cooler, smoother, and tastier hits, it functions as a heat sink.

We advise anyone who anticipates using their Electric Nectar Collector frequently to get this.

You may also improve your view of the dabbing area and see more clearly where you are placing your tip by using the E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink.


The E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink is a no-brainer for any Electric Nectar Collector that will see a lot of use because it offers two benefits in one.

Adaptable Electric Nectar Collector

We adore perfecting the dabbing experience, as evidenced by the customizability of our Electric Tip and the modular construction of our Nectar Collectors & Honeybirds.

If you already have a Nectar Collector, you can simply purchase an E-Tip Kit and start using electric dabs shortly after the box is opened.

You may never again use your torch! Not that it's a negative thing.

Electric hits made with a Nectar Collector are just as strong and delicious as hits made with traditional heating methods.


The modular design allows you to update your glass piece at any moment.

While keeping your E-Tip as you upgrade if you want to start out slowly with our Electric Donut.

You can choose to begin with water-cooled electric dabs or not, but eventually you'll want to incorporate water into the process.

For our "best of both worlds" Electric Nectar Collector, you can start with the Electric Honeybird Simple Kit.

How do we interpret that? With our E-Tip and Honeybird Simple, you receive the best electric dabbing and small vertical water filtering systems, respectively.


The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro is the only option if you want to enter the world of electric dabbing with the finest of the best.

To give you the finest concentration experience possible, this beast combines the popular Honeybird Pro and the renowned E-Tip.

Because it's so simple to clean, the Electric Honeybird Pro is the perfect option for regular dabbers.

Under heavy use, you may quickly disassemble your glass thanks to the modular Infinity

Tech design for routine cleaning. The Electric Honeybird Pro is your only choice if you take dabbing seriously and want to go electric.


Nectar Collector has always created its products with customizability and upgradeability in mind.

When we chose to go electric, we didn't stop.

Pick up any Nectar Collector or Honeybird when you're prepared to advance your dabbing, then just use your Electric Tip with your new accessory.

Have fun dabbing!

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