Little Dipper Electric Nectar Collector Dip Devices

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  • Electronic Nectar Collector
  • Quick Heat Coil
  • 3 Power Heat Settings
  • 600mAh Battery
  • Compact Sturdy Design
  • Patented Air Flow Technology

Little Dipper Electric Nectar Collector Dip Devices

Seeing that one of your favorite vape companies has released an even smaller version of a great electric nectar collector can be an exciting moment. However, downsizing often comes with its fair share of concerns, such as whether or not the device performs as well as its larger counterparts do. Take, for example, the Little Dipper, which provides you with an even smaller version of the Dipper Vaporizer that dab enthusiasts may already be quite familiar with. If this re-release has caught your eye, let’s see whether or not this product is worth the buy!


Although the Little Dipper is even smaller than the Dipper Vaporizer, you can expect the same smooth, powerful clouds that you would be getting from the regular dipper, but in a much more portable form. If you’re someone who wants to truly unlock the potential of their concentrates and doesn’t like that many devices will sacrifice quality over build, you will definitely enjoy having the Little Dipper by your side!


Unfortunately, the one main thing about the Little Dipper that has changed is that it no longer has dual functionality. As you may recall, the Dipper Vaporizer acted as a dual vaporizer that could both be used as a honey straw to dip directly into your concentrates as well as a dab pen if you found yourself in a situation where you were unable to use a dab straw. The Little Dipper only focuses on acting as a dab straw. However, if that’s all you’re in the market for, this product is a great dab straw to have on hand. As with the Dipper Vaporizer, the Little Dipper comes with a vaporizer tip atomizer for your dipping needs. 


Surprisingly enough, performance is not something that is lacking on this small device. With features like a quick-heat coil for faster consumption, three heat settings to make sure you’re getting the most out of your concentrates, a battery that has been proven to last twice as long as competitors, and an ergonomic form that makes it easy to hold and use, the Little Dipper is anything but living in the shadow of the Dipper Vaporizer. Overall, this is an excellent little dab straw that anyone would be glad to use for their dab sessions. 

How to Use the Little Dipper

Another great aspect of the Little Dipper is the ease of use that comes with a single-use device. Instead of having to worry about taking your nectar collector apart and putting it back together each time you want to use it, simply turn it on, cycle through the heat settings until you find the perfect match for your concentrates, and take a dab after the atomizer heats up. It’s that simple!

In the vape world, smaller versions of popular vapes do not have to suffer from a lack of performance. If you loved the Dipper Vaporizer but are in the market for something smaller and easier to use for your dabbing needs, the Little Dipper is a vape worth looking into!

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Little Dipper Electric Nectar Collector Dip Devices

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