8" Eyce Silicone Nectar Collector

Count: Box of 5



  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • Stash Container Lid
  • GR2 Titanium Tip
  • Non-stick & Heat resistant
  • Unbreakable & Freezer safe
  • 5 Pieces Per Display

8" Eyce Silicone Nectar Collector

This 8" Eyce silicone nectar collector is the best dab tool you can use for concentrates. It comes with a GR2 titanium tip that delivers nothing but unadulterated smoke for pure flavor. The exterior body is created from platinum-cured silicone.

The interior of this Eyce silicone nectar collector comes with a domed percolators. This helps cool the smoke down and help each draw give you the most filter smoke. Each nectar collector comes with a storage container on it. You can use this to stuff your wax in it.

WarningAlways fill device before applying heat. Device max fill <0.5tblsp (7mL). If device is overfilled, water will flow out of nozzle which could cause severe burning if done after applying heat. Blowing or coughing into the device can also cause water to flow out of the hot nozzle.

If you're looking for a durable and effective nectar collector for your concentrates, look no further than the Eyce silicone nectar collector. 

Dabbing just got more convenient with Eyce's Silicone nectar collector, which you can carry everywhere you go. This nectar collector comes with all the features required for a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience. 

The dab straw is made from durable platinum-cured silicone material, and it has a multi perc water chamber system. The nectar collector is available in several colors, so you can pick whatever color you prefer. 


Users of Eyce products are always quick to commend on the product's outstanding quality and functionality. And the Eyce silicone nectar collector does not fall short in this regard. The dab tool has several features that make it perfect for dabbing. It combines a grade 2 titanium tip and a percolating water function to deliver flavor and cool hits. 


No doubt that the Eyce nectar collector is unique, and it is the first of its kind. This honey straw is the ultimate tool for any dabbing connoisseur. Many users prefer it because it merges originality with functionality as it delivers pure vapors.

A platinum-curved silicone body capsules, its domed perc filters to cool each draw, delivering a surreal experience. There is also an onboard non-stick wax storage container on the outside, and users can even use the storage jar's lid as a non-stick surface when preparing their concentrates.

This silicone nectar collector can be separated into its individual parts for easy cleaning. But there are three main parts:

The straw includes the titanium straw and the part with which it fastens into a short tube.

The percolator, although this is optional, it does help you filter and cool the incoming vapors.

The mouthpiece is made with a built-in 1ml non-stick storage container.

Silicone Storage

Users can take their concentrates on them wherever they go with this amazing silicone nectar collector. A built-in silicone container and an optional percolator make it possible to store your nectar collector with its straw safely tucked inside its body to keep it safe and sterile. 

When it is time to enjoy your flavorful nectar, all you need to do is remove the storage cap with your concentrates carefully stored inside. You heat the titanium tip and dab away.

Grade 2 Titanium Tip

Grade 2 titanium tip is made of quality durable material that wouldn't need to get red hot before use. In roughly 5 seconds of heating, this tip is ready to vaporize your concentrates. 

You can decide how hot you would like your tip to be over time and use. And when it is time to put your titanium straw away, you do not have to wait until it has cooled down. You can pull the silicone and turn the tip inside of the mouthpiece. This will keep the hot tip contained in heat-resistant silicone, keeping it sterilized.  

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