Honey Dabber 2 Honey Straw




  • Honey Straw Style
  • Material: Cherry Hardwood
  • Neodymium Magnets to Close
  • Designed and Made in the USA

Honey Dabber 2 Honey Straw

Dab straws have become a modern way of dabbing wax and concentrates. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they are made from different materials like silicone, glass, and wood. 

The Honey Dabber 2 honey straw is a typical example of dab straw carved out of wood, which gives it an aesthetic appeal, especially to those who love hand-made crafts.  

As a wooden honey straw, the honey dabber II guarantees durability if handled probably while providing convenience for outdoor use, thanks to its lightweight and small size. 

The honey dabber straw comes with unique features including neodymium magnets, cherry hardwood body, dual straws, and a removable sleeve for covering the tip. 

Quartz and Titanium straws

The Honey Dabber 2 comes with two straws: a quartz tip and a replacement titanium tip. Both tips have their pros and cons. 

For instance, the quartz tip heats up pretty fast within about 5 to 10 seconds but has trouble holding the heat. On the other hand, a titanium tip takes longer to heat up, but it can retain heat longer than the quartz straw. 

Additionally, titanium tips are more durable than quartz, and they can handle extremely high temperatures. 

However, quartz straws produce better taste when it comes to dabbing wax as they deliver cleaner flavors than titanium. 

Magnetic Connection 

The Honey dabber II has a two-piece wooden design: the handle attached to the tip and the removable wooden sleeve for protecting the tip. The honey straw uses neodymium magnets, making it easy to slide in or remove the cover from the tip. 

This is quite helpful because it lets you close the tip even when it’s hot. You can cover the tip at any time and keep it in your pocket after a quick dab. 

Cherry Wood Handle

Aside from the magnetic connection and the titanium/quartz tips, other parts of the Honey Dabber II are made from cherry wood found in the Northeastern United States. This is why the dabbing tool is strong and durable. 

The honey dabber straw further underwent laser engraving before it was sealed with all-natural boiled linseed oil. The honey dabber brand name is beautifully crafted on the wooden handle for elegance.


  • 1 x Honey Dabber II
  • 1 x Quartz or Titanium Heating Tip

Customer Reviews

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KK Russ
Highly recommend

I initially saw there where no reviews and was worried the product wasn't legit, BUT it is it has a smooth ass hit when you go to inhale, you put water in it through the blue mouth piece and it filters it beautifully, I have been using a normal nector straw and I highly recommend this I am smoking the same wax and I am definitely ten times high then I was before it makes the hit so much smoother and way more worth it!!!! Definitely snag this deal before it's gone!!!!

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