5" Mini Glass Nectar Collector Kit with 510 Thread Nail

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Tip Material: Ceramic
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  • Glass Nectar Collector
  • 510 Threaded Nail
  • Includes Percolator
  • Different Nail Material Offered

5" Mini Glass Nectar Collector Kit with 510 Thread Nail

This 5" mini glass nectar collector kit is unique because it uses a 510 thread nail to screw on its different tips. It uses a percolator to help filter out the water.

Nectar collectors are one of the most efficient and convenient methods of dabbing concentrates. They come in with beautiful spill-proof designs, which makes them great for outdoor use. 

The 5" Mini glass nectar collector kit with 510 thread nail is a dabbing kit is straightforward and guarantees a pleasurable experience to all dabbers. 

Mini Glass Nectar Collector

The Mini Glass Nectar Collector is a portable dab straw that lets you vaporize your wax anywhere. It is easy to use and allows you to save your concentrates because of its efficient vaporizing process. 

Shower Percolator

The 5" mini nectar collector comes with a built-in percolated water filter. This means that you get to add water to the chamber to enjoy cooler hits. 

Filling the chamber is easy; all you have to do is remove the tip and fill half the chamber with water. Remember not to overfill. After this is done, put some wax into any dab dish, heat the tip, place it directly on the concentrates and inhale from your mouthpiece.

The percolator is very helpful as it reduces harmful toxins from your concentrates, thereby giving you cleaner vapors. 

Variety of tips

This 5" mini glass nectar collector kit uses a 510 thread nail to screw on its different tips. The thread nail allows you to use either titanium or quartz tips. 


    • 510 Mini Collector Inline Perc Bubbler Body
    • XL Pyrex Dab Dish
    • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Tool
    • Dab Tip

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    Great nectar collector kit

    These is a great dab kit for a nectar collector. Its awesome! Works well and comes with all three different types of tips

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