Evri 3 in 1 (Electric Nectar Collector) Dip Devices

Color: Black



  • Multi-Use Device
  • Innovative Tip Atomizer
  • Ceramic Tip with Instant Heat NiChrome Coil Center
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Compact sturdy Design
  • 510/Pod Compatible

Evri 3 in 1 (Electric Nectar Collector) Dip Devices

Vaping remains one of the most popular ways of consuming herbs and concentrates. Almost every day, vape manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their products to provide an easier and smoother vaping experience for vapers.

The Evri 3-in-1 vaporizer, one of the most incredible products from Dip Devices. As a multi-functional vaping solution, the Evri acts as an electric nectar collector for dabbing concentrates and a unit for vaping e-liquids and essential oils from prefilled cartridges and pods. 

That's possible because the Evri comes with a vape pen and a torchless dab straw, which you can use interchangeably by just a snap, thanks to its magnetic connection. The unit is compatible with 510 threaded cartridges and prefilled e-juice pods like Juul and Rubi Pods.


Regardless of which attachment you use, the performance of the device is at its best. The unit comes with a long-lasting rechargeable 925mAh battery. You can see the battery life through the LED display. 

But unlike most vaporizers on the market, you can actually replace the battery, meaning you can have multiple batteries for even longer sessions. 

The Evri 3-in-1 vaporizer also features a temperature control setting that allows you to choose between three voltage levels: 4v, 6v, and 8v. The red light represents the hottest, green is medium, and blue is the lowest. The temperature to use depends on the attachment. 

Dip vaping

The Evri works as an electric dab straw, which allows you to dab thick oils and wax directly from the concentrate container without using a torch. However, this dib vaping is not particularly suitable for on the go use, for obvious reasons. You'll be better off using the cartridge or pods while in the open. 

Vapor Tip

The Evri features an innovative, replaceable vapor tip with a ceramic coil that heats up instantly for a quality and flavorful dip vaping experience. Press and hold the power button to heat the coil and dip it on your wax or shatter. The coil automatically stops heating after 15 seconds to avoid overheating. 

Don't lower the tip too deep into the bowl of concentrate. Doing that could clog the vapor tip, and it may not function properly. 

Vapor Quality

The Evri nectar collector delivers superior vapors compared to other dab straws. Using the unit gives you clean and smooth hits, thanks to the ceramic coil tip. The vapor quality for cartridges and pods is also great.

3 in 1 Triple Use

As mentioned earlier, the Evri is a multi-functional device that serves three purposes. You can use it for dip vaping wax from a jar or vaping ejuice from a Juul pod and thick oils from refillable cartridges with a 510 threading. 

How To Use the Evri Dab Dip Device

Using the Dip's Evri 3-in-1 device is quite easy, plus it comes with a user guide manual. Since the unit features a magnetic connection, swapping the attachments is as easy as it can be with no technical knowledge required. 

The unit has just one button for the entire operation. Press it five times quickly to activate the device and three times quickly to toggle between the three voltage settings. 


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Sherry Bartolome
Always good to have extras

Ya never know when you need a new one, always good to have extras on hand. These fit perfectly.

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