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10" Pulsar Quartz Dab Vapor Straw

The Quartz Dab Straw delivers dank vapor through a simple 10 inch glass tube.

Quartz is a premium material for dabs because of its superior durability, heat handling, and strength! You will appreciate the simplicity. Just heat the tip and dab, dab, dab. 

Quartz Nectar Collector

Having a Quartz Dab Straw is essential if you plan on enjoying every dab session. This dabbing straw delivers top-quality vapor through its simple 10-inch glass tube. It is made of the finest quality to give the ultimate dabbing experience, so it uses superior durable materials that handle heat well.

Its simplistic design also makes the Quartz Dab Vapor Straw just the right tool for you. All you need to do is heat the tip, and you get and dab until you’re satisfied. First-timers can pick up Quartz Dab straw and use it with no hassle. There are no parts to assemble or connect, so dabbing any of your favorite concentrates would be as easy as it can ever get.

Better Taste

The Pulsar Nectar Collector is a mini dab rig you use in smoking your concentrates. The tool is made from a quartz material, which can help improve your dabbing experience. While silicone nectar collectors may alter the taste of your concentrates, quartz collectors ensure you have a smooth, tasty dab. The vapor straw is not just classy but also durable. 

Quick Hit

This is one of the most beneficial features of using the Pulsar quartz dab vapor straw. Its simplistic design means you don’t have to wait minutes just to prepare when you want to dab. All you need to heat up the tip and place it directly on your concentrates and draw from the mouthpiece. 


A simple-to-use device is not only convenient but user-friendly. You do not need five YouTube tutorial videos on how to use a nectar collector to get the hang of Pulsar quartz dab straw. Many times, even first-time users wouldn’t need any video at all. Its design is straightforward, and you understand how to use it almost instantly.

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Keith Scott
They were not what I ordered but they were OK

I like them I just got the wrong ones

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