5" Silicone Nectar Collector with 14mm Titanium Tip

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  • Cool Graphic Silicones
  • Dry Design
  • Includes 14mm Titanium Tip

5" Silicone Nectar Collector with 14mm Titanium Tip

The 5" silicone nectar collector delivers quality dabbing sessions as it comes with a removable, yet powerful titanium tip that can withdraw high temperature.

The 5-inch nectar collector is made from a high-quality silicone material that is free from toxins. It is very portable and enhances discreetness and mobility. 

Silicone Nectar Collector

The body of this dabbing tool is made from food-grade BPA free silicone. This makes it 100% safe for your health. Consumables that come in contact with the silicone are free from toxic and hazardous chemicals. 

The 5" silicone nectar collector can withstand heat and cold temperatures to a great extent. Precisely, it can handle a temperature between -40°F to 482°F. This means that you can put it in the microwave, clean it in the dishwasher or store it in the freezer for cooler hits.

Additionally, nectar collectors made from silicone are durable since they are unbreakable even if you throw caution to the wind. 

Cool Design Graphics

Everything, including the smallest details like design and color, matters when buying a smoking tool. And that is why using a silicone dab straw can be fun since it usually has several designs.

But wait until you see this 5" silicone nectar collector - it has some of the coolest art designs, which makes it great for parties, personal use, or as a gift to a friend or colleague. 

This straw is available in different stunning graphics styles like skull graffiti, honeycomb, splatter, swirl, and many more. 

Titanium Tip

The 5" Silicone Nectar Collector comes with a 14mm titanium tip. You can easily remove the tip and replace it at any time with quartz. 

Titanium tips are high heat retainers and can withstand extreme temperatures. The tip that comes with this silicone nectar collector produces big blasting hits, but it takes a few more seconds to heat up compared to quartz.


Despite the colorful designs of the nectar collector, its structure, small size, and lightweight make it easy for discreet use. First, the tool is only 5" long and around 6.5" with the titanium tip attached. 

Since the tip is removable, you can easily detach it from the body and keep it in your pocket or bag without bringing unnecessary attention to yourself. 


  • 1 x 14mm Titanium Tip
  • 1 x Silicone Graphic Body

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