8" Dabmate Glass Percolator Silicone Nectar Collector




  • Size: 8"
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Unique Design
  • Portable to Go
  • Easy To Clean

8" Dabmate Glass Percolator Silicone Nectar Collector

The 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector provides an easy way of smoking concentrates on the go. To smokers, nectar collectors are indispensable. We’re referring to not just any nectar collector, but the 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector.

The brand was the first to break the internet with its indestructible silicone nectar collector. They are fast and easy to use with a unique portable design. If you find it difficult to babysit and care for your glass xtract collector, then this perfect hybrid nectar collector from Dabmate will be a treasure. Let’s explore the various aspects of the nectar collector and find out why it's different from the rest.


The Dabmate collector is made of a high-quality material that even a few drops on the ground won’t break or scratch the device. And it’s versatility makes it a favorite Nectar collector for many smokers.

You can enjoy using the nectar collector with concentrates without encountering any problems with the texture. The 8” Nectar Collector provides a simple yet unique way of dabbing on the go without any hassles on your part.

Most users would prefer it anytime because it allows them to taste their concentrate without creating any form of discomfort.

Clear Percolator

With the Dabmate Nectar Collector, you can easily see smoke as it travels through the device thanks to the clear glass chamber of the nectar collector. The glass protects the disturbing effect of the smoke and makes it easy to slide in your pocket and take anywhere you want to go without discomfort. You can use it with or without water, and still enjoy its functionality.

Titanium Tip

The 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector features a high-grade titanium tip or nail. It has the best titanium tip for dabbing wax as far as nectar collector are concerned. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted dabbing all day long. The tip gets just the right amount of concentrate needed in each unit which helps to eliminate waste.

Benefits Of A Nectar Collector

Nectar Collectors is a more exciting way of dabbing concentrates than a dab rig.

The percolator adds a filtration of water pipe to the Nectar Collector. An average user will love every aspect of the 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector. The only aspect that most users find difficult is determining the best temperature needed to heat up their nail for dabbing. Nonetheless, some of the benefits of using a Nectar collector include

Portability: The Nectar Collector is ultra-portable and coated with silicone which helps to improve its quality and longevity. You won’t have to worry about your Nectar Collector slipping through your hands by mistake.

Functionality: The 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector works like a beast. Your vapor wouldn’t waste time before it gets diffused. And the silicone design of the collector makes freezing super easy.

Direct Contact: This is probably the most significant benefit you’ll get from using a Nectar Collector. It allows you to place the tip of the straw in direct contact with your concentrate and inhale. You can easily dab directly from your silicone container without using a dabbing device; hence, no oils will be trapped in your dab jar.

Ease Of Control: The 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector is super easy to use. You can easily control how you dab your concentrates and monitor the level of concentration as well. The clear plastic shell enables you to see the water level and the amount of vapor accumulated already.

The 8” Dabmate Nectar Collector, without doubts, is the best Nectar Collector that has entered the market so far in years, and it remains the best in terms of quality, functionality, and portability.

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