Dabtech Daborizer Electric Nectar Collector




  • Heats up in Seconds
  • Spill-Proof Water Filter
  • Long Battery Life
  • Palm-Sized

Dabtech Daborizer Electric Nectar Collector

Designed by Dabtech, the Daborizer electric nectar collector delivers an awesome dabbing experience. 

The device is quite portable for traveling; however, caution must be taken to avoid breaking the glass, especially since it is not under warranty like other components. The glass is a percolator water filter or a water bubbler that helps deliver smooth and cooler hits. 

The Dabtech Daborizer features a battery, quartz or ceramic tip, a replaceable tip atomizer, and a dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap. The battery can handle up to 60 to 80 sessions on a full charge. 

Using this electric dabbing tool is straightforward and convenient, even for those trying an electric version for the first time. All that is required is pushing the power button five times quickly to turn on the device and heat the tip to the preferred temperature level. 

Most importantly, the simplicity is not limited to the dabbing process. It extends to the cleaning process and maintenance.

Quick Heating

First, the Daborizer is an electric nectar collector, which means that it does not require a torch like a regular dab straw. The device uses a battery and a replaceable atomizer to provide heat to the tip before dipping it on your wax. 

The heating element is quite effective and can heat up the tip within seconds. The Daborizer uses quartz or ceramic tip for clean and flavorful hits. 

Spill-Proof Water Bubbler

Using a nectar collector without a percolation can sometimes cause discomfort to your lips as you inhale hot smoke. 

Fortunately, that is not the case with the Dabtech Daborizer electric nectar collector. It comes with a spill-proof water bubbler. This not only allows you to enjoy smooth hits, but it also eliminates the fear of having a spillage while dabbing. 

To use the water bubbler, simply add some water to the bubbler before attaching it to the nectar collector. 

However, you must be cautious because the water bubbler is made from glass, which could easily be damaged if not handled properly. 

Replaceable Tip Atomizer

As mentioned earlier, the Daborizer vape features a replaceable tip atomizer. It is the atomizer that powers the ceramic or quartz tips, so you can easily buy a replacement if there is an issue, although Dabtech provides a one year warranty for all electrical components.

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Lacey Burton
Works Great Love it!

Beautiful piece! Works great!

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