Glass Nectar Collector 14mm Kit

Color: Gold



  • Nectar Collector Kit
  • Percolator
  • Quarts Nail
  • Titanium Nail 
  • Small Bowl 
  • 14mm

Glass Nectar Collector 14mm Kit

Nectar Collectors have become a preferred way of smoking concentrates for many dabbers because of their efficiency and great ease of use. They come in various shapes and sizes and are made from different materials like silicone and glass. 

But unlike many dab straw out there, this Glass Nectar Collector 14mm Kit has plenty to offer. If you enjoy using a beaker bong, then you’d probably fall in love with this piece because of its large mouthpiece. 

It also features a water filtration system in the chamber. This can make a big difference for high temp dabbing. Although the mini water system cant cause a splill, you shouldn’t overfill the tube. The water should be around 1/4 of the chamber. 

Despite having a fragile structure, this nectar collector is well suited for traveling as it has a nice protective kit box. 

So what can you expect from the Glass Nectar Collector 14mm Kit? 

Full Kit

The Glass Nectar Collector 14mm package is a full kit designed to give you an enhanced dabbing experience. It comes with multiple accessories, including a glass dish, dab tray, detachable glass parts, and titanium and quartz tips.

Detachable Glass Nectar Collector

This glass nectar collector is detachable. You can assemble and disassemble almost every part, such as the mouthpiece, neck, and tip. And doing this is as easy as it can be. This makes the dab straw easy to clean. 

Titanium and Glass

The Glass Nectar Collector Kit comes with a titanium dab tip. Titanium tips heat up pretty quickly and are very durable. However, using a quartz tip offers “purer” flavors, but it is slow to heat up. So the choice is really yours. 

14mm Tip

The joint size of the tip for this glass nectar collector is 14mm male. You can easily replace it with any 14mm tip of your choice, whether quartz or titanium. 

Dab Tray

The kit also comes with a dab tray. This is an essential and versatile dabbing accessory. It helps to keep things organized. It has multiple compartments for storing your dab tools, wax containers, etc. 

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