Glass Nectar Collector with Quartz and Titanium Tip




  • Glass Nectar Collector
  • Spill-Proof Water Chamber
  • Glass Percolator
  • Includes Titanium and Quartz Nail

Glass Nectar Collector with Quartz and Titanium Tip

Nectar collectors play a major role in the cannabis community. Using honey collector dab straws is one of the coolest ways of enjoying wax and concentrates. 

This glass nectar collector comes as a complete package. It features a detachable neck, a water chamber, a titanium tip, and a quartz tip. 

Water Chamber

This glass nectar collector has a water chamber that functions as a filtration system. It helps to deliver cooler and smoother hits. All you need to do is fill the chamber with a small amount of water, and you're good to go. The straw is spill-proof, so no need to worry about water spillage when using it.  

Quartz and Titanium

Titanium and quartz are popular materials used for producing tips and nails. Many dabbers have come to prefer one to the other for personal reasons. 

Although quartz tips deliver purer flavors, they heat very slowly and can't retain heat for long. But titanium tips heat pretty quickly and also retain the heat for a longer period. Quartz performs excellently well for low-temp dabs, while titanium is more suited for high temp dabs. 

Since the glass honey straw comes with 14mm quartz and titanium tips, you alone can decide which one is best for you. 


  • Glass Main Chamber with Percolator
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Quartz Tip
  • Titanium Tip
  • Glass Dab Tray
  • Travel Box Case

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