Happy Kit Dab Mini Kit



The Happy Dab Mini Kit is a portable travel bag designed to hold your dabbing tools in a safe space. It's like a wallet for dabbers. You can store everything you will need to smoke your concentrates in here. This mini kit comes in two different colors so that you can pack your dabbing devices in style. It contains a dab mat, a silicone dab container, a silicone dab straw with a cap, and a titanium tip.

Happy Kit Dab Mini Kit

The Happy Kit provides the best tools that keep active smokers always ready to rest and dab even on the go. The Happy Dab Kit takes you to the clouds while incorporating the very essence of happiness.  


Your dabbing kits are precious, so you wouldn't want just anyone to touch or have access to. The Happy Dab Kit bag helps you keep your dabbing tools safe and protected. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit in your backpack or luggage. It also allows you to keep all your dabbing tools together in a place. The bag is also smell-proof. 

Dab Mat

The dab mat is used to protect surfaces like a table from dripping residue. It also cushions your dabbing rig from scratching or breaking, and users can be a great place to store your dabber when it's not in use.


The Happy Kit Mini Dab Kit is a travel-friendly dabbing solution. This dabbing vault has been designed to carry everything you will need while dabbing on the go. It protects all your dabbing tools in its hard-shell case. This mobile dabbing mini-safe measures at just 5" x 3" x 1.3". on its inside, there are elastic loops that help keep all the gears firmly in place no matter where you go.  


Happy Dab shockproof case offers its users a sleek and portable case that carries everything you need when dabbing. Our shockproof case carries a silicone nectar collector, 2 x 5ML wax containers, a lighter, and a metal dab tool. So you can take all you need and dab anywhere you feel like. 

This hard-shell shockproof case keeps your dabbing gear safe. As long as your kit is carefully stored in the case, you can transport your dabbing tools with peace of mind.

Happy Dab Mini Kit has found a way to package happiness. It is the perfect traveling kit for all dabbers. 


  • 1 x Smell-Proof case

  • 1 x Silicone Nectar collector 

  • 1 x Dax container 3ml

  • 1 x Dab tool

  • 1 x Dab Mat

  • Color will be randomly selected

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