Honeybird Pro Kit Glass Nectar Collector

Honeybird Pro Diffuser: Single Hole Diffuser



  • Glass Nectar Collector
  • 26mm Infinity Tech connector
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Cool Mad Max Like Design

Honeybird Pro Kit Glass Nectar Collector

This Honeybird Pro Kit Glass Nectar Collector is truly from Mad Max. It features a crazy cool design and the percolator causes even a crazier whirlpool of water. Unlike other devices, this is completely handmade in the United States.

This glass nectar collector containers absolutely no threading and no glue. It uses a 26mm Infinity Tech connector. It has an improved function and bomb proof connection to put it all together.

Let's introduce the new and amazing no glue, no threads, 26mm Infinity Tech connector glass nectar collector. The Honeybird glass nectar collector comes with improved functions and bomb-proof connections that are prepared to give you an adventure like never before.


This dabbing device is built with the word convenience in mind. It is handy and can comfortably sit in your breast pocket. This means you can take your nectar collector anywhere you'd like.


Users have a lifetime guarantee on the artistry of this made-in USA glass collector. This proves the quality and trusts the manufacturer has in this product. Its infinity tech connector allows for easy cleaning, upgrading, and changing out its different parts.

In the Honeybird pro kit, you get two stinger tips with no glue on them, which is awesome for cleaning.

How to use

The first thing you'd want to do is unpack your Honeybird pro kit. Take a moment to study the different parts and familiarize yourself with how they work.

Pour in water to your spill-proof nectar collector. Make sure the hole in the diffuser lines up with the spill catch for maximum filtration. If done right, you should get good bubble action.

Next, you screw in the tip, and that's it. You have successfully assembled your Honeybird glass nectar collector.

To use your nectar collector, you would need to fill it up with water. If already assembled, you detach the titanium straw and draw in water with the other end. You can hold it up to allow excess water to drain away. Then you attach back the titanium straw.

Next, you get your wax and spread it on the dish. Ensure it has a good surface area for a better hit.

Heat the tip of your titanium straw with a butane torch for about 15 seconds while rotating to ensure it is evenly heated. Then you allow it cool for about 5 seconds. Use the tip on the wax while drawing in the vapor from the other end.

Coil tip

The tip of your nectar collector is the small cylindrical piece at the bottom of your glass nectar collector. This is the part responsible for vaporizing your wax to produce the vapor you inhale. You apply heat to this part with a lighter, blow torch, or basically, anything that can heat it up. Now it doesn't have to be glowing red to use. In fact, if it is glowing red, you should let it cool for a bit before use.

Honeybird uses a titanium tip which is the most durable of all dab tips. Titanium is used because:

  • It can withstand high temperatures and work fine without breaking.
  • It heats up quickly, so you don't have to wait too long to get the party started.
  • Its resistance to corrosion means you can use it longer.
  • Very light which makes the entire dab rig more portable and convenient to move around with.


The Honeybird Pro-kit glass nectar collector guarantees great hits with the mildest sting. 

Water Filtration

You can expect smooth and cool vapors with the water filtration system as you draw from the mouthpiece. It doesn't require too much water, and it's quite simple to get the hang of. 


    • 1 Nectar Collector Honeybird Pro Core
    • 1 Nectar Collector Infinity Tech 26mm Connector Threadless
    • 1 Nectar Collector Infinity Tech Single Hole Diffuser Threadless
    • 1 Nectar Collector Infinity Tech Vortex Venturi Diffuser Threadless
    • 1 Nectar Collector Stinger Tip Connector
    • 2 Nectar Collector Stinger Tip Core

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