DAB Nonstick Silicone Wax Container




  • Silicone Container holder
  • Non-stick silicone
  • Dab Tool Holder

DAB Nonstick Silicone Wax Container

DAB Nonstick Silicone Wax Container is a versatile dab accessory that is ideal for users to have when it comes to keeping the Dabs.

Dab Design

DAB Nonstick Silicone Wax Containers are made from heatproof silicone. This relatively unique material is non-stick, making it excellent for keeping the wax concentrate. Silicone is notably durable that users will not have to worry about squashing or breaking the container.

This little, portable vessel is uniquely designed to make it remarkably easy to store concentrate throughout the day.

Safe Storage 

One of many advantages of using a DAB Nonstick Silicone Wax Container is that the user has an option to use either titanium or glass tip collectors. Providing them with the experience to take the wax straight out of the storage.

Non-Stick Solution 

It is essential to be sure to have a non-stick container, so users do not waste any of their dabs. DAB Nonstick Silicone Wax Container is made from non-stick materials allowing its users to be able to peel off all of the concentrates from the container, leaving nothing behind. Meaning users do not have to bother about wasting trace amounts of wax as they go on about the day.

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