Randy's Path 2 in 1 Electronic Nectar Collector

Color: Black



  • Compatible with Wax Concentrates 
  • Compatible with 510 Cartridges (Not Included)
  • Premium Quartz Crystal Tip
  • Single Button Controls
  • Dual Functionality Electronic Nectar Collector
  • Simple to Use
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Pocket-Friendly Design
  • 3 Preset Temperature Settings 
  • Temperature Range: 650°-1200°F

Randy's Path Electronic Nectar Collector

Convenience is something we would all like to have, especially when doing the things we love. Take dabbing, for example; having an electronic nectar collector gives you the ability to precisely control how intense or mild you would like your vaping experience. And this is only one of the many advantages of having not just any electronic nectar collector but Randy's Path electronic nectar collector.

Randy's dual nectar collector is also a 510-threaded battery that can be used with pre-filled cartridges. Its design and performance make it possible for you to make the most of your wax concentrates however they may come.


Thanks to its user-friendly nature, beginner dabbers can think of it as any other honey collector. But you get more convenience as there is no need for a torch or other rigmaroles. 

All a user needs to do is insert the heated tip into any choice of wax/oil and enjoy the vapor from the other end. The device is designed to give an exhilarating experience as the vapor passes through the Path's airway providing delicious and controllable hits to its user.

This small, inexpensive, versatile, and convenient vape produces the same caliber of vaping quality you will experience from other top-end vapes.

Coil Tips

The coil tip is responsible for heating your wax and develops the vapor. The Path's quality coil tip helps you keep a steady heat temperature on your nectar collector. This gives you a steady vaping temperature that doesn't involve anyone getting glowing hot red nails. Users wouldn't require a touch to vaporize their wax as well.

With this device, you no longer need to heat up until the nectar tip is red hot. That means you get to save your device as it isn't subjected to thermal shock and oxidation.

These coil tips are also made of quality materials and can last for years when properly taken care of.


Randy's Path performs dual functions. It can be used as both a nectar collector and a dabbing pen. So you can vape or dab your favorite concentrates or wax; it all depends on you.

Temperature Selection

Unlike a regular nectar collector that requires a torch, Randy's Path comes with a range of temperatures, which allows you to select what's best for you. The hotter it is, the more wax gets vaporized, and the bigger the vapor. But not everyone likes the same intensity of vapor, which is why this device made it possible that each user can select their unique temperature. 

How to Use it:

Getting a hand of Randy's Path Electronic Nectar Collector is no difficult task, and in a short while, you should be vaping comfortably.

  • First, you will have to turn on the device with five rapid clicks. Turn it off using the same method.
  • To adjust the heat settings, you use two rapid clicks.
  • For preheating the cartridges, you use three rapid clicks.
  • A full battery is indicated by a blue light and eight red flashes indicate a low battery.


  • 1x Path Nectar Collector
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Zoe Boman
Perfect piece

I was looking for about a year for a dab pen that I liked. I had the Kuli pen and that would just get dirty and hurt my throat. When I bought Randy's electric nectar collector and used it for the first time I was shocked at how easy and smooth the hit was. It is easy to charge and use for all different types of concentrates. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a vape device that has all these unnecessary features that you may never use. I would give this vaporizer a 10 if I could because it truly changed my vaping experience for the better.

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