Silicone Syringe Shape Nectar Collector

Colors: BL-RD-WH-4640



  • Syringe Shape
  • Spill-Proof Design
  • Water Filtration Through Percolator
  • FDA Approved Material, BPA Free.
  • Includes Titanium Tip

Silicone Syringe Nectar Collector

This Silicone Syringe nectar collector has a nice design to it. Not only is the design nice but it has a few nice colors on it. This silicone nectar collector has chamber that gives you a nice ergonomic grip.

Nectar collectors have become essential smoking accessories in the dab kits of every avid smoker. These straws are designed for smoking concentrated cannabis. Dab straws are basically simpler versions of standard rigs. This silicone syringe nectar collector makes dabbing hassle-free, thanks to its sleek and portable design.

Silicone Material

This silicone syringe nectar collector, as the name implies, is made from silicone and shaped like a typical syringe. 

The silicone material used for the product guarantees durability since it is unbreakable. It is also 100% food-grade, which makes it safe for your health. 

Spill-Proof Design

The syringe nectar collector comes with a filtration system that allows you to dab with water in the chamber. Doing this delivers smooth and cooler hits, thus preventing discomfort when you inhale. The water chamber is spill-proof, so there’s no chance of experiencing a spillage when dabbing with the straw. 

Dome Percolator

The percolator helps cool down the smoke while you are dabbing. It is shaped like a dome and functions as an extra water chamber. 

The percolator inside the syringe style nectar collector gives it smoother to smoke from. It looks like a small rod-like chamber.


The body parts of this silicone syringe nectar collector are detachable. You can remove the mouthpiece, the 10mm titanium tip, and the filtration chamber. This makes it easier for you to store or travel with the honey straw. 

Since this is a silicone nectar collector, this makes it very durable and sturdy. You can use it with water in it to filter the smoke. It helps the smoke cool down as you smoke it too. Don't worry about spilling water because these are spill-proof!


  • 1 x Titanium Tip
  • 1 x Silicone Body Compartment

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