Titanium Nectar Collector Tip

Size: 10mm


Nectar collectors use replacement tips, and every dabber needs at least one extra straw. This allows you to switch between different types of tips at any point. 

While some persons prefer using quartz tips, others fancy titanium tips because of their many reasons. 

This titanium nectar collector tip is lightweight and high temperature resistant. The tip is quick to heat up and can impressively retain the heat long enough to take a draw and even pass to a friend. 

Compared to other straws like quartz, titanium tips have a longer lifespan regardless of how frequent you dab with them. 

Different Sizes

Nectar collectors have many sizes, and each one requires a unique tip size. Thankfully, this titanium dab tip is available in different sizes ranging from 10mm to 18mm, depending on your need. 

Replacement Tip

This titanium nectar collector straw comes as a replacement tip. Having a replacement tip is handy for many reasons. First, the nectar collector could come with a less durable straw or one you don’t really like. Also, using a tip for a very long time could force it to clog or wear off. At this point, you need a replacement to continue enjoying your favorite dabs. 

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ronald labass
Never received the merchandise

If you wish to make this right, let me know

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