Very Happy Dab Kit

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  • Portable nectar collector with case
  • Protective case to keep it from breaking

DAB ANYWHERE ANYTIME! Dab on-the-go, at the Park, Beach, Roller Coaster, on the Moon with the all-new Happy Dab Kit! This sleek case is portable and gives you everything you need so start Dabbing. This is a virtually smell proof stash kit! 

Very Happy Dab Kit

For many years now, humans have smoked the holy herb. But as we evolved, we figured out better ways to get high from the herb. Our ability to concentrate its power and improve its experience has improved in mind-blowing ways. The Happy Dab Kit provides the best tools that keep active smokers up to date with the latest smoking trends. No need to go back to the traditional way of getting high. The Very Happy Dab Kit takes you to the clouds while incorporating the very essence of happiness.

Glass Mini Nectar Collector

The glass mini nectar collector offers a direct way to enjoy your concentrated cannabis. This handy glass tool performs an excellent job in making dabbing more effortless and discreet, thanks to its small size. 

You can use the nectar collector to vaporize your concentrates, such as wax, butter, diamonds, hemp oil, etc. The glass mini is straw-like, which makes it extremely comfortable to use. Having this eliminates the need for a bulky dab rig. You now have one easy-to-carry kit that does the trick for you.

Shock Proof Case

Happy Dab shockproof case offers its users a sleek and portable case that carries everything you need for a dabbing session. The shockproof case carries a nectar collector, 2X 5ML wax containers, a lighter, and a metal dab tool. So you can take all you need and dab anywhere you feel like. 

This hard-shell shockproof case protects all your dabbing gear from drops. As long as your kit is carefully stored in the case, you can transport your dabbing tools with peace of mind.

Protection and Safety

Your dabbing kits are precious. It isn’t something you want just anyone to touch or have access to. The Happy Dab Kit helps you keep your dabbing kit safe and protected. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit in your backpack or luggage. It also allows you to keep all your dabbing tools together in a place. This way, you do not have to unpack your entire room to find your metal dab tool.

Happiness is our motivation for waking up every morning, and it is what we do. The Happy Dab Kit delivers happiness to its users. 

Kit includes: 

  • Slick Shock Proof Case
  • Large Nectar Collector w/ Percolator
  • 2x 5ML Wax Containers
  • Butane Torch
  • Silicone Mat 
  • Titanium nail

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