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Nectar Collector Kit

A Nectar Collector is one of the most important concentrate dabbing accessory. If you love to dab but you want something a bit more portable than a dab rig, simply take your portable nectar collector with you. 

Nectar Collectors

There are many different types of nectar collectors to choose from. They range from silicone, glass, electric, honey straws and much more. Not only can you pick different types of nectar collectors but you can pick the different design from rocket launchers to ray guns.


There are also many different accessories to choose from too. Dabbing from a nectar collector doesn't require as many tools as using a dab rig but it's still important to have some of them. For example, a replacement tip is important to keep your tip clean. You also want a dab mat so nothing slips around along with a dab tray to make sure you don't place your nectar collector on a table.

A torch is also very important to heat up your nail. After you heat it up, you want to dab it from a tray but you can also use it where you store it in your jar or containers.